Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Shoe Edition Fall 2011

This is just a quickie review of a couple of pair of shoes.

 Bowed Lacerta Mary-Janes by Miss Albright. Size 8.
I slipped these on while I was waiting for my friend, to review for the blog. I know that I would not reach for them, so they are not for me, but as far as sizing, here is my take:
They are comfortable, with the platform off-setting the heel height. They are a great color and read neutral- lots of styling options. I like the strap across the foot, helps with size security and ease of use. These were my true size, and fit perfectly.  Priced accurately.

Malbec Heels by Miss Albright. Size 8.
These are on my wishlist, and I was hoping to try them on. Thank goodness I did. As usual, Miss Albright is all over the map on sizing. These ran at least a half size bigger, if not a whole size. I did not take the time to ask for another pair, as the SA's were slammed. I really like these. The color and style are different than anything I have. I will watch for these on sale, and size down.

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