Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Dresses

While I was in Dallas, I checked out all of the area Anthropologie locations, so I tried on lots of Fall things for review. Dresses are up first, so here we go.

Multiburst Sweater Dress by Sparrow. Size Small.
Disclaimer: I did NOT pick this dress. When I returned to my fitting room after having browsed the store, the fitting room SA had paired up some of my selections, and added a few extra things.  I did set out to purchase this belt, as I walked away from it in Kansas City, then kicked myself for it. (Sold out online.)
This whole look felt very bootylicious. I do not go for this look, so I put it all on, had a good laugh, and stepped out of the dressing room to reach for the next set. The SA said, "Oh, you look great!" And I literally laughed out loud and turned around and when she saw my booty, she said, "Oh."  Which made me laugh harder. There is NO way on God's green earth this would ever make it to my closet, however, if you are slim, and you sized up one size, I think it could be very flattering. Especially with a long, flowy sweater over it.
The necklace is the now on sale, and I thought it was beautiful, and would be very versatile. It is called Armadillo Necklace.
The belt is the Madcam Belt. Still in stores, but sold out online.

Glinting Persica Sweaterdress by Knitted & Knotted. Size X-Small.
I loved this dress. It was as beautiful in person as it was on the web site. The details show up more in real life too. This has a hint of shimmer (lurex?) running through the weave.  I like that back cut out, as it is interesting without being trashy or revealing. The arm is cut in such a way that your regular bra would be fine with this as well.  I thought the length was perfect, not too long, not too short. I didn't find this itchy, and my itchiness sensitivity is probably about a medium.  I can't remember if it was lined, but if it weren't, I would wear a slip- as usual for me, and that would eliminate any itchiness anyway.  This is worth a look. This is perfect fall through spring.  Tights and boots would be lovely with it, as well as heels. Belted or unbelted. I am drawn to Knitted & Knotted on a consistent basis. Wishlisted for sale.

X- Small version

Small version
Unconditional Osier Dress by Weston Wear.
In the first two pictures above I tried an X-Small, and the next two are a Small. the pictures don't really look all that different, but it sure felt different. The X-Small just about cut off arm circulation, and I never could get the under layer in the right place.  There is a detachable slip piece under the lace, and I love that it is included and separate. If I bought this, I would put each piece on one at a time.  All of that being said, it is a gorgeous dress. Not what I would normally reach for, but I am so glad I tried this one on. I can see why this is getting such a big community buzz.  I feel that it needs a belt, but I am kinda' glad they did not include one- as that would cheap it down a little. The lace is so pretty, but might be a little delicate. If you have a bust at all, you will want to size up at least one size.  I would say if you are a petite cutie, you can stick with your normal size.
I had so many other things I liked, that it was not high on my list, but I am going to wishlist and keep an eye on it.

Alary Shirtdress by Girls from Savoy. Size 4.
This little number is getting quite a bit of attention, and I can see why. It is made in the style of several favorites, including the Refined Cord Shirtdress.  It is a fine wale corduroy, button up front, and very comfortable. Not lightweight like a silk, but not heavy either, which would make it great for layering.  I would say the fit is right, but not on my body type. I have a thicker waist, and I think that makes the buttons pull a little in the middle. If I sized up, it might help, but would then make the shoulders big. It is a pass for me, but I still think it is beautiful.  The fitting room SA brought this belt, and I love the pairing,  it is the Loose Ring Belt, size Small.

Mustard Dress by Girls from Savoy. Size Small.
Roxy reviewed this dress here, and I still don't see it online, but I loved the cut and color, so I grabbed it to try on. It runs very big. I tried the Small, and I was swimming it it. They did not have an X-Small at any of the stores I visited, so I could not compare, but I feel like the X-Small would have worked for my body, but would have made it a little too short for me.  Again, not sure about that.  I think the craftsmanship is beautiful, and it seems to me to be a hint back toward the old Anthro that we miss.  I think the color choice is perfect, and would be pleased if they offered this exact dress in a couple more colorways. (Saturated colors.)  Unfortunately, if you are small, you may be sized out of this dress.  I think that is the biggest disappointment about it- should be number sized, not S,M,L...

Anaheim Shirtdress by Maeve.
 I pulled it based on the color, and I can't find it anywhere. I actually liked this better than the Alary dress, but it is the same concept. I think the main difference is the fullness of the skirt and lack of collar, but this could be worn so many ways. The arm cuffs button and have a contrasting fold, which can be worn up or down. I can't remember how they sized this one, but it was the first one I picked, so it was probably a 4 or X-Small.  When I find out more, I will edit.
Edit: Thank you to Keilexandra for giving me the name. I never thought to look at it in another color, but now I remember that they had both colors in the store. (Brain fart.)

Cloak of Quills Dress by Rutzou. Size 4.
I actually tried this on just for kicks and giggles, and I loved it! Once I figured out how to get it on, that is.  It is very drapey/flowy- and very unusual, which is why I was drawn to it. I would need to size down to a 2, but I am really considering this at sale time. I have not heard anything about it, so I think I am safe to wait. :) It is really more of a summer style anyway, and I would not reach for it until then.

Collecting Dots Dress by Addison Story. Size Small.
Contrary to the reviews, I really liked this dress. It has gone to sale since I tried it on, which makes it all the more appealing.  And I tend to love the things no one else wants. This is no exception.  I thought it had all kinds of styling ideas, but would size down to an X-Small to buy.  The top part was too blousy for my chest.  I liked the lenght, as it could be worn with skinny jeans, leggings or tights, or bare-legged. the waist is perfect for belting, and this is thin enough to wear with a jacket, long sweater, or cardigan. As you can see, I had my tank on under it, and I would find that necessary for every day wear as well.  Wishlisted for 2nd cuts.
Side note: I just looked at the product shot for this dress, and they did some major editing to get it to look like that on the model. That makes me a little nuts. I think the catalog shots should be as true to life as possible, with the only exception being styling/layering modifications.  Pet peeve.

Agnita Dress by Ailanto. Size 4 & 6.
I believe these pictures are of the 6. I have had an eye on this dress since it hit the web site, and was anxious to try it on. I love ensemble dresses, especially of mixed materials. Anything to add interest.  This dress felt really good. Because it is fitted on top, where I am a little smaller, and is more lose on bottom, it works. I don't usually go for flared bottoms, as I feel they make me look bigger, this works as it is more of a ruffle waist.  I love the waist detail, and it hit in just the right spot on me.  The top was too small in a 4, but the bottom felt the same in both. Chesty kids, size up.  The price is a killer for me, as it was for a few of the things I tried on. There are some things that are worth full price to me, especially at this point, where I can afford to budget for it, but this was extreme in my opinion.  Even at nearly $200, it would be high. So I will be waiting this one out for possible 2nd cuts. I know it may not make it that long, but I am going to just watch at this point.
I do want to point out that I like where this designer is going with cut and materials, and would love to see more- at a decent price point. Ailanto is a brother team of designers out of Barcelona, and their use of color is striking.

Downeast Dress by Pendleton. Size Small.
Can I get a "Woot! Woot!" for Pendleton at Anthropologie?! They are my favorite wool maker. I even have a few pieces of wool directly from the Pendleton factory in Oregon, they were a gift from my husband he picked up while he was traveling to Oregon for an elk hunt.
I was thrilled to see a few of the Pendleton pieces in person, and even more excited to try them on.
I tried on an X-Small for this dress first, but the bust was too tight, so I sized up to a Small.  This is a perfectly designed dress. Visually interesting, and cut well, but there is one draw back.  It is NOT LINED!!!  It is solid wool, and would totally be priced correctly if it were lined.  I just could not get over it. And when I showed the SA's, they were floored. Everyone just assumed it would be.  This would be very hard to find a slip for, since it has back detail that is cut out, and it showed my tank though.  I was very disappointed about that aspect, since I felt that so many other things were right with this dress.
I could already see me skipping about town wearing with tights, saddle colored riding boots, and a wide saddle belt.
Worth a try-on, but waiting this one out too.

Mark Making Dress by Pyrus. Size X-Small.
Can you tell I loved this dress? It's a good thing, since I would have to do some work to it when I got home.  This dress was missing the belt, and after a little digging, I figure out why.  Every dress I looked at had craftsmanship issues.  All of them had missing belt loops or some tear or other in the seam. And priced at nearly $250, that is a big-time no-no. So why am I still talking about it?  Look at the fit.  I absolutely adored it. This dress is pleated in all the right places. I loved the fabric weight, and the color so much.  This was an X-Small, and I would love to have sized down to see what that would look like, but this was the smallest available. I so hope this designer comes out with more.
I was offered a 15% discount for the missing belt, but I feel confident in waiting this one out. (You will find this in the back of the sale room sitting stagnant very soon.)

Rodna Halter Dress by Girls From Savoy. Size 4.
My daughter was looking through my cell phone pics when I got back home, and when she got to this one, she said, "Ohh! I like this a lot, Mommy. You should buy this."
I would say the same thing, if I actually had a place to wear this. Unfortunately, I have some similar dresses that I still have not worn- or worn only once.  This dress fit like a glove, and actually, I would try to dress this down a little, but layering a short sleeve tee under it, and belting it and wearing with boots. A cardi over the top would also bring this down to everyday wear.  The fit alone makes me reconsider it.  I don't usually go for flared skirts, but I am trying to think about it more, and try unusual things on to expand my normal.  The corduroy was soft and light weight, but the skirt stayed perfectly in place.  I think this is priced accurately. (Quickly selling out.)

125th Street Dress by Leifsdottir. Size 6. Also linking the 125th Street Blouse.
This dress appears to be sold out online (I found it on eBay), so I have linked the similar blouse, so you can see a closer version of the color and neckline.  I tried this on at the Highland Park store in Dallas- if you need a lead on where to find it.
This is a 6, and I would have liked to try a 4, as I felt like everything would lay better if I went down one size. So I think that makes it true to size. This is way outside my norm, but the saturated red was stunning, and the quality was perfect. Over all a very beautiful dress. The length necessitates heels, but otherwise, no complaints.

Veiled Alder Dress by Yoana Baraschi. Size 4.
I was afraid of this at first, thinking I got the wrong size, because the zipper was a complete pistol to get up.  I thought I needed to stop and try the next size, but when I held the two parts together, it was the right size, so I slooooowly worked on the zipper and realized that it was just the zipper itself.
That was the ONLY drawback I encountered. The dress was gorgeous! I absolutely love it. The underlayer is perfect, and the lace is beautiful.  You will pay for all that loveliness in the price tag, but I actually think it is priced correctly.  Watch out for that tricky zipper!

Vavara Maxi Dress by Leifsdottir. Size X-Small.
I think I should have tried the Small in this as well. But being the 60's, 70's- vintag-y lover that I am, I just had to try this one.  The cut and and pattern are SUCH a throwback to the 70's, and I think it is perfect. I can't imagine anything more cozy on a chilly day. I loved it so much, I was already thinking style ideas, and grabbed this on the way into the dressing room:
I plan to keep a close eye on both of these pieces to add to my closet. I don't have anything like this.
Above is the Crumpled Placket Cardi in X-Small.

Tangerine Flicker Dress by Tracy Reese. Size 6.
Last but certainly not least, I tried on the Tangerine Flicker. I was intrigued by the color online, and after seeing the quality in Roxy's reviews on Effortless Anthropologie, I could not wait to try it on.  I was blown away by this dress. The color is so unusual that I was instantly smitten, and add the interesting detail as well as inside quality, I am sold. This has a built-in, attached liner. I think this is very true to size, as this one was a 6 and felt a little loose inside, however, in the pictures, it looks pretty good. I would want to try a 4 before buying. I HOPE this hangs on until sale time.

Well, that wraps up the dresses. Anything you love/hate?

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