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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Skirts

I am sorry about the huge gap of time between the last review and the skirts. I have been incorporating some time management skills into my weekly routine, and have been busy, busy. :) Here is the wrap up, and my favorite part- SKIRTS!

Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt (in Moss) by Qi. Size Small.
Welp. This is what you want if you are going for boot-i-licious. My husband just walked by the computer after I had uploaded all the photo's, looked at this one and said, "Oh, what's up with the Booty Skirt?"  It's exactly what I thought when I tried it on.  It is a lovely skirt, and the shape works with longer tops, but on me, I would be very self-conscious with anything short on top.  I like the heathered knit. It adds texture to what could have been a flat color.  I also really like the longer length. With the form-fit, it flatters the lower leg beautifully. The knit is not heavy, and the waist band is very soft, so there is no tummy support. This one's a pass for me, but worth a try-on.

Firelight Skirt by Moulinette Soeurs (in Bright Red). Size 4.
The fit of this skirt is similar to the fit of J Crew's No. 2 Pencil, but J Crew has the waist band perfected. I didn't love this waistband style. It is not a deal breaker, as I did like the rest of the fit proportions, but I have the J Crew version in Vibrant Flame, so it is too similar. This one has nice texture. True to size, I think.

Effortless Corduroy Skirt by Maeve. Size 4.
This is the step sister of the field skirt, but the evil version. Those side pockets do nothing for me. I love the Dark Orange color, but there is too much going on here to be flattering on my body type.  Sadly, this one's a total pass.

Goban Pencil Skirt by Maeve (in Moss). Size 4.
This is a beautiful skirt with endless styling potential. I love that is is a solid color, but the dots add visual interest. If I were to buy, I think I would go with the black, simply because I don't have any black skirts of this style.  The fit is good, and I love the flat waist band. Perfect length. Wishlisted for sale.

Cargo Pocket Sweater Skirt by Moth. Size Small.
This was another skirt I was excited to try on, but was disappointed with.  I sized up to a Small in order to accommodate my booty, but it was all wrong on me. The waist band felt loose, but the middle felt stretched. I think this one would look best on straighter figures. I love the pocket detail, and the nubby texture. I even think the navy was a great color choice, I just had trouble with the fit.

Glasbury Pencil Skirt by Plenty/Tracy Reese. Size 6.
I sized up on this one, just based on looking at it, and I am glad I did. This is a 6, and I might even like to try on an 8, just to see how that one would look too. I love this plaid! I noticed some reviews did not like the pockets, but I really like them.  Super high waist, so be prepared for that- I was a little surprised how high it was. This is wishlisted but I would like to try the 8 first. (I believe this was lined, as I don't remember it being itchy.)

Shirr & Pleat Pencil Skirt by Eva Franco. Size 6.
This was an utter disappointment. I loved the pleating detail and the color combo, but on me, this was just a hot mess.  Makes my waist look huge, and the pleating puffed out the belly and booty. I prefer only one sticking out at a time, thank you very much.  Pass for me.

Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt by Sparrow. Size Small.
I waited what felt like forever to find this skirt to try on. It was slow getting to stores out here.  I love the print and patter on this! I also felt like the fit was a little better than some of the other sweater skirts I tried on. I like below the knee length as well. This was a total yes for me, and I have already dreamed of styling ideas. I think the print draws attention away from any flaws in figure.

Swaying Meadow Skirt by Rutzou. Size 4.
I was captivated by the color/print and cut of this little beauty, and it did not disappoint. It flared away from the widest part of my body, but the hem cuts back in to a narrow knee. I tried this on with my own tank top, and thought simple styling would be best for it. This skirt is a knock-out all by it's self. My only question is why they released it in fall, not spring? As this screams tank and sandals.  Wishlisted for sale.

Last Blooming Skirt by Meadow Rue. Size 4.
I normally do not like flared skirts, because they are usually made with a narrow waist band, so the flare starts at my widest point, however, this had a flat, wide band, that started the flare lower. I am a big fan of that little detail. This was a beautiful skirt, but the print is not my style. If this had been in a different color, I would snap it up. I love the weight and inside. It is gorgeous- and it is now on sale!

Daybreak Trellis Skirt by Ailanto. Size 4.
So I guess I am just enamored with the entire Ailanto line. I fell in love with this skirt, along with every other Ailanto piece I tried on.  This skirt was a surprise to me- considering my aversion to full skirts. (Can you see I am trying to get outside my comfort zone? :)  The length and fit were perfect, and I think the bow detail is very nice. THIS IS SO EXPENSIVE! Okay, now that I got that off my chest. I hope to be lucky enough to find this on second (or maybe third?!) cuts with a percentage off discount. :)

Sloping Skirt by Leifsdottir. Size 4.
You can see by the side view that I would need to size up to a 6 to buy, in order to accommodate the hip area, but the waist fit perfectly, and that is the star of this skirt.  I love the color and attention to detail. the pleats were lovely, and the fabric choice perfect.  I feel like the color does not show up true in the body shots, so I took a close up (the last pic) to show the true saturation. This is a real stunner. Try on your two closest sizes to find the best fit.

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