Monday, September 26, 2011

"You Never Know What You're Gonna Get"

So I have been working on a thrifting series. I have taken some time to really think through my "method".  One of the things I love the most about thrifting is that you really don't ever know what you are going to find. As I will highlight in the series, you may walk into a thrift store, and spend an hour and come out with nothing, and other times you will come out with armfuls. This sweater is a perfect example. My friend Freda was here last month, and she loves to thrift as much as I do. So I took her to a really yummy place to eat downtown, and we hit the thrift store on the corner.  I scanned through the entire store, but really didn't see anything and was ready to leave. Freda was still looking, so I thought, "I'll just flip through these sweaters really quick." (It was 100* outside!)  All of a sudden, this little beauty jumped out at me.  Freda was a few aisles over from me, so I did the whisper scream, "FREDA! This is ANTHRO brand!!!"  She was excited for me, but she really doesn't get it. (It's okay, Freda- I still love you.)
So $6.99 for a Lia Molly? I will take that.
Sweater: Lia Molly Colette Cardigan
Shirt: Anthropologie Finessed Turtleneck
Jeans: F21 skinnies
Shoes: Nine West Janetta Flat

Here is another styling of this sweater in a different colorway.
It is really getting cooler here, and I am enjoying the chance to wear my sweaters. What is the weather like near you?
What is your best thrifted item?

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