Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I think I mentioned previously that I started attending a Bible Study after I moved here. I found the group in the summer, and joined the summer study, and we started fall study last Tuesday.  I love the group! They have been warm and inviting to me, and I especially like the leader, Barb. About a week after school started, she asked me to have breakfast with her to discuss an idea she had.
Barb is one of the women who works on pairing women together in relationship mentoring.  She has a young mom who had asked to be paired up with someone about 9 months ago, but Barb never felt like she found the right person, until she met me. We talked about it, and I asked to meet the young woman.
After study last week, L came to meet Barb and I so we could talk. I was instantly amazed at this lovely young woman. She has a little girl named Paxton who was diagnosed with leukemia at about 9 month of age (she is now about 18 months). The sheer amount of medical procedures they have been through is staggering. Their entire life is based on the baby's blood counts and they spend many hours at the hospital.  As we sat talking about the current situation with Paxton's health, I could not help but think of my own children. My mom, sister and I have often spoken of how blessed our family is. I have four children, and my sister has three. Between all of us, we have had a total of 2 medical issues, and they are minor in comparison.
Barb, L and I had a lovely lunch. It was a delight to meet L and sweet Paxton.  If you are a praying person, please pray with me for Paxton and her parents as they prepare for a tough three months of hospitalization. Also, that I would have wisdom to know when to contact her and what to say.
With a grateful heart......
Blazer: Thrifted (pin included)
Shirt: Brooks Bro's, thrifted
Pants: Gap Slim Cropped
Shoes: Nine West Janetta Flat
Necklaces: Old Navy (only $1 a piece!)

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