Friday, September 9, 2011

Mom Uniform Alert- Balance

 Balance. It is something I think about a lot. As a mom of four kids, they are my priority.  I love being a mom. I take absolute delight in spending time with my kids, and creating a lovely home for my family. This is the first time since I was 17 years old that I have had no kids home during the day.  My littlest one started 1st grade this year, so my days have been quite empty. I have thought of all kinds of things to "do".  But the opportunities are not coming quickly. I keep reminding myself to just take each day at a time, and seek God's plan for my life.  There are so many things that I like to do, I can easily think of ways to be busy.  However, I want to have balance in my life. I love an orderly home, but I don't want to get obsessive.  I would much rather spend time with people, but since I don't know many people here, that is not likely.  I have been packaging cookies for Jay's office (he visits the auto dealerships every week, and delivers them) twice a week. That gives me "slush money" (his words), but there is not much shopping here, so I have spent A LOT of time online and A LOT of shopping when I can get up to Kansas City.  Basically, I am at a point I have never been in. Lots of time, and not many people to share it with.

One thing I learned when my friends in Virginia Beach were grieving the loss of the men who died in the hit on the helicopter in Afghanistan: I could not be there physically. The ONLY thing I could do was pray. So pray I did, and have been. Freda reminded me that if I had been in Virginia Beach, I would have been so busy DOING that I would not have been praying the way I did so far away.  I also refreshed all the Scripture that I have learned over the years.  I am a nerdy Bible Girl. I hoard Scripture on notecards, and they are stashed all over the house. If I find a verse or passage that I like, I "keep" it for myself. Basically, I break an overwhelming Book (The Bible) into bite sized pieces. Well let me tell you, those notecards paid off. I gathered them and texted one after another to Allie and Meiling. It felt like I was not doing much, but God spoke to me in such a strong way. (And Allie said the timing was terrific. Just what was needed.) Reminding me that all those years of reading were right there to pull from. It was like digging a well in the rain.  I don't need the well when it is raining, but boy, when things get dry, that is the first place you run.
I love fashion. I love culture.  But I need to balance my interest with what is best for me.  And that is relying upon God's Word for my every need.
So it's all about balance.  Where do you struggle with balance?
Pants: Gap Skinny Crops
Shirt: J Crew Boy Shirt Quincy Tartan
Shoes: Dillards Michelle D
Earrings: Dillards Pearl Hoops

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