Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Few J Crew Reviews

While I was in Kansas City last weekend, I stopped into J Crew to pick up this.
I also tried on a few things that looked nice. I don't think this is much of an official review (wow, that sounded REALLY important,  you know, like World Peace and all that!), because I am not too familiar with their product over the course of time. But here are some things I liked.

Schoolboy Blazer is Wool Flannel, Pearl Gray. Size 4.
I absolutely loved this blazer. I literally stood there looking at it on the hanger after I took it off. BUT I had the Velvet Schoolboy on back order, and knew it was coming, so I waited. Now I am kicking myself.  I will be back for this.

Jackie Cardigan in African Violet and Bright Yellow (not sure the color name on this one.
I came in for the Aluminum, so I knew what I wanted, but these two caught my eye. However, they were very difficult to photograph. I took the close-ups so that you could see a truer rendition of the color.  The purple is very vibrant, and not blue at all. The yellow is very bright- almost neon.  I like both colors, but I feel sure the yellow will make it to sale.  The purple is very popular.

Puff Sleeve Popover. Size 4.
I can't find this color online, but it is available in other colors.  I was drawn to the orange, so I would do a search for it. The fit was great!  I liked it tucked and untucked. One of the things I liked was that the buttons don't go all the way to the hem. It helps with my tummy issues- then the buttons don't gap after I have eaten too many tacos. :)

Navy Lace Pencil Skirt. Size 4.
After all the blog talk about the navy eyelet pencil skirt from summer, this was refreshing. I thought it the fit was nice- but different than my No. 2. The lace is beautiful. I already have a navy lace (cheaper pencil skirt) that I have not worn, so I can't justify this at this time.  But I loved it.
If I hadn't spent so much money at Anthropologie all of these things would have gone home with me.

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