Friday, September 2, 2011

Anthro Touring

We are headed to Kansas City for the weekend.  I am delighted to be meeting Beth who reads my blog (poor kid) for coffee and shopping tomorrow at the brand new Anthropologie in Leawood.
It has been a source of surprise and delight to get to know so many people simply by blogging.  There are so many wonderful and interesting people all over the country.
Every time I get the chance to shop at Anthropologie, I make sure to take note of new arrivals online so that I can try them on in the store. However, the store has different names for products than online, so they never know what I am talking about when I ask for a specific item.  I made a list this time, to save the trouble.  Here are some of the new arrivals I hope to try on:
Test Pattern Sweaterdress

Glinting Persica Sweaterdress

Aven Bloom Dress

Quintessential Shift

Agnita Dress

Noon and Night Dress (Beige)

Pointelle Variations Sweaterdress

Flame-Borne Maxi Dress

Ruffled Shell

Gossamer Birch Shell

Cabled Camellia Pullover

Floating Chrysalis Cowlneck

Liasis Cardigan

Felted Colorbar Cardigan

Frilled Echelons Peacoat

Golden Spectrum Sweaterskirt

Abstract Forest Sweaterskirt

Loose Ring Belt
What are you eyeing from the Fall arrivals?  If you leave me a message, I will take look at something you want more info about. Just leave the item name in the message box.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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