Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge- Something New

I guess I have lots of new things I could show, but I decided to show something old but new to me.
My husband and I love to go thrifting/antiquing (duh!), so we often pop into little places here and there. Jay drives all over the city every week for work, so he has scoped out some neat places and had a couple he wanted to take me to.  We went to one yesterday and saw this:

I have talked about my dog before, but I don't talk much about him. Not because he is not important, just because other topics tend to take up my words.  However, Samson is the sweetest, most chill, laid-back doggie ever. We did a lot of research before getting a dog. We tried rescue and SPCA before anything else, but we had a baby at the time, and were very concerned with getting an older dog.  After much consideration, we went with a Scottish Terrier. We knew he would be big enough to not get squashed by running kids, but small enough to not take up the whole house. (Madison wanted a Toy Yorkie, the boys wanted a Great Dane.)
We found a breeder in N.C., and made an appointment to go look at her puppies. Jay and I told the kids to go in and sit quietly on the floor. Not to make noise or pick them up.  We were led to a kitchen with baby gates and the woman let the puppies out into the kitchen. They were adorable! All wild and funny, and instantly my kids were attracted to the runt. He was tiny and feisty, tripping all over the place and pulling on the kids' shoelaces. But my husband wisely told them to be quiet and let mom decide.  I noticed one chubby little boy who was just sitting and looking at the rest.  He walked over to me when I tapped the floor. He stood in front of me, and I scooped his little face up to look at his eyes. He didn't look away. We found our puppy. That same disposition has carried over. He is happy and playful, but senses our moods, and is not overly inquisitive, and does not bug us for attention (which makes us give him MORE). Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  He is the quintessential Scottish man. Strong and bold, but not a bully.  Samson brings our family such happiness.

Samson as a puppy
Samson a few weeks ago
P.S. I love it when he lays on the floor on his side. He looks just like a pot-bellied pig.

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