Monday, July 18, 2011

House Tour- Zach's Room

Thus begins the long-asked for house tour. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "Send me some pics of the new house."
So here goes, beginning with Zach's room. You have to know, Zach has hated to sleep alone ever since he was a baby. When he was 18 months old and started outgrowing the crib, he went and crawled in the bed with TJ (the oldest) rather than stay in his toddler bed. TJ adores him, so he encouraged it, but TJ is leaving for college in a year, so we are trying to break Zach of that habit.
We gave Zach his own room, with his own big bed, and he is doing great. He still asks occasionally if someone can sleep with him, but is content with the answer if it is "no."
Zach asked if he could have a "Beach" room, and he helped me pick out a few of the things in his room. The rest of the things I asked him if he liked before adding it.
View from the doorway

Netting on wall: Hobby Lobby
Canvas Print: Urban Outfitters (Coney Island Beach)
Bed: Family (older than the hills!)
Sheets: Target ($4.24!)
Duvet Cover: Company Kids
Pillow Shams: Pottery Barn Teen (Beach/Surf photo's)
Bed and Floor Accent Pillows: Garnet Hill
Lamp: JCPenney (pulled from a set in our room)
Throw at the foot of the bed: Mom (she crocheted it for him)

Zach has all of the left side of the closet, and Jay has the right for overflow.

Farm signs: Vintage/Antique shop in Newton, KS
Canvas Print over aquarium: Urban Outfitters
Porthole Mirror: Hobby Lobby

Dresser: Thrifted
This puppy was rough. It had layers and layers of paint. I stripped it with a gel/liquid stripper, then sanded down to the wood. Then I painted it with two coats of this beautiful turquoise color (which Zach loved!), but it still looked too perfect, so I took it back out to the garage and sanded all the edges and dry brushed this ochre brown on the sanded edges to "dirty" it up a bit. I love the finished product. And getting all the old paint off made it easier for Zach to open and close the drawers. Although I haven't yet figured out why that matters....

Desk: Thrifted
Bookshelf: Target

Zachery sign: Handmade by the lovely Millie
Fishing sign: Hobby Lobby

So what do you think? Love/hate?

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