Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House Tour- Jay & Debra's Room

The house tour continues.  See Zach's room in yesterday's post here.
Our bedroom in this house is a lot smaller. Okay, well.... Mostly the closet is A LOT smaller.  In Virginia Beach, Jay and I had two separate closets.  I am still getting used to sharing with Jay- and most of his clothes are in Zach's room.  Putting this closet together was like doing a jig saw puzzle.  I have no idea if I could do it again if I tried.
I am getting used to the house, and our bedroom is now very comfortable. This change in my attitude probably came about the day I finally hung our reading lights.  We used them much more than we ever realized.  The best part about them is that they are not hardwired (smartest purchase I made recently), so they can go with us anywhere. Well, I suppose they could not go to Europe- you know, with the power outlet change, but you get the point.
So here goes:
The view from the doorway.

Stepping in.

Bed, Dresser, and Chest: Local furniture store in Iowa, McGregor Furniture
Bed skirt, throw pillows: Pottery Barn Online (clearance)
Duvet Cover, White Quilt, Printed Sham: Pottery Barn via Ebay
Printed Quilt: Gift from a Dirty Santa exchange
Sheets: Kohls
Black Drapes & Sheers: Walmart (I know, I know. I never shop there. I did it online. :)

Hooks for jewelry: Thrifted ($2)
Folding Tray Side Table: Target
Mirror: HomeDecorator.com

The stuff on the dresser is more jewelry storage.
Allie & I got this idea from a local VB boutique.
White Birdbaths: Michaels Arts & Crafts
Wooden Leaf Tray: Thrifted ($1)
Two Wire Birdcages: TJ Maxx
Birds On Branches Jewelry Stand: Urban Outfitters
Ring Tray: Anthropologie

Canvas Print: Urban Outfitters (Satellite Map of NYC)
Lighting: JC Penney Online
Side Table: Thrifted ($19.99)

Looking back toward the entry and the closet.

Vintage Phone= Awesomeness
Thrifted for $3, and yes- it works!

The bookshelf needed to be in our room in this house.
There was no other good place for it.
Sam's Club- back in the day.

Entrance to Master Bath.

Shower Curtain: Anthropologie

3D Bird Art: Target

Owl Hooks: Hobby Lobby
Art: TJ Maxx
Towels: Target

Rug: Thomas O'Brian Target

New Faucet! :)
Home Depot

Plates: Thrifted
Hand Towel: World Market

The tight closet.
I have a funny thing about each person in my family having their own color of hangers,
so mine are white and Jay's are navy. Also, everything has to hang the same direction.
There are lots of things I can let go of, but this one seems to stick.

Upper right has bag storage on top, and jackets and hanging sweaters.
I keep my winter and summer stuff out all year.

Lower right is skirts.

Back right is longer things. Dresses, skirts and pants.
Also one hanging shoe organizer.
Top shelf is jeans and pants.

Left back is shorter pants, capri's, tanks & two belt hangers.
Also the other hanging shoe organizer.

Top left is Jay's clothes.

Bottom left is shirts- hung longest sleeve to shortest and by color, and a few pair of shorts that I press.

A close-up of the center tower. It is a built-in.

The bulk of my sweater storage. Under the short pants and tanks.

A closer look at the belt hangers.
They are holding lots of necklaces as well, right now.

A closer look at the shoe organizers.
There is also a floor organizer under the dresses.
Well, that's it for my room. What do you think?

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