Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Tour- Living Room

I was a little nervous about the living room, since the front door opens directly into the room. But since we were not finding much anything to rent, this was a small price to pay....
So far, I really like how it is coming together.  I gave up my beautiful Haverty's media storage- which means I also gave up a t.v. in this room. All in leu of my vintage pieces.  I don't miss the t.v. as much as I thought I would.  We did put one in the kitchen, which is where we hang out most of the time anyway.
A note about the carpet and paint. I didn't pick any of that.  This is a rental, and although we negotiated new carpet, we did not get to select it. The owners did. However, it could be worse and they did do everything in neutral colors, even if I would not have chosen it.
This room is a hodge-podge of things collected over time.

The view from the front door.

The door is opposite the fireplace.

View to the left. The stairs to the basement, and the hallway to the
upstairs bedroms and the kids' bathroom.
The first door is the coat closet, the second is the linen closet.
The third door is our bedroom, and to the left is another short hallway
to the two younger kids' bedrooms and bath.
The bookshelf came from an antique mall in Norfolk,
and the photographs are photographs I took of Virginia Beach.

View to the right. Leads to the kitchen.
The mirror and painting on top of the case to the right are thrifted,
the lamp came from a German shop in Amana, Iowa.

Looking from the hallway into the room. The settee right beside the door was Jay's grandmother's, and has been in the family for 100 years. Needless to say, the kids know the rules about THAT.

The photographs above the settee are close-ups of each of my kids,
taken at the bowling alley. I loved them so much, I framed four of them
and hang them in a straight row.
The rug is from Anthropologie.

This case was from my father-in-law's mother. I helped my in-laws clean out her
house when she had to go to assisted living, and they told me to chose a few
pieces of furniture and some dishes.  I love the display options for it.
The table was my great-grandmothers, my Memaw gave it to me.
The amber canisters on it were thrifted, the placemat was a gift from a
fellow Geico friend (who knows my love of vintage).

Things in the case:
Shamrock platters: mother in law
Candy dishes: Memaw
Crystal pieces: Gifts from our vow renewal
Assorted white vases: Thrifted

Velvet sofa: Value City Furniture (this was in our bedroom in VB)
Curtains & Rods: Target
Stuff hook: TJ Maxx

Hutch: Gift from my aunt Sue. (She knew my long-time love of it.)
Chair: Vintage
Side Table: JC Penny- back in the day
Blanket: Macy's (Black Friday special)
Pillow: Anthropologie

Blue Velvet Sofa: Thrifted (was on my radar for YEARS, and was a total score for $50. we had it cleaned right away, and the cleaner said it was so clean it looked like it had been covered in plastic for 30 years.)
Photographs of my kids: Flash Photography
Frame and Matted: Hobby Lobby
Metal Bikes: Amish shop here in Kansas
Yellow Throw: Pottery Barn
Pillows: Anthropologie

Chunky Vases: Gift from Heather (Pier One)
Wire Basket: Thrifted
Stacked Encyclopedia's: My grandparents (copyrighted in the 50's)

Table: Another score from my in-laws
Coasters: Anthropologie
Frame: TJ Maxx
Lamps: Gift from Jay- antique store in N.C.

Throw: Pottery Barn
Pillow: Anthropologie

Mantle Stuff:
Antlers: The real deal- from my man's excursions (don't be hatin', we have lots more in the garage.)
Painting: Thrifted

These glass birds are actually miniature vases. I admired them at our Adult Bible Study teachers home.
She helped me look for them, but they were discontinued. The last Sunday we were in Virginia Beach, she came to me at church and gave me a gift bag. When I got home and opened it, it was these birds, which were her own set.
I was blown away, and so touched.

Mantle clock: My grandfather pulled this from a Goodfellow family farm in PA, it sat on his mantle for years (as long as I can remember), and my Memaw gave it to me.  It is a treasured possesion.
Glass power cap: Also my Papa's

Glass basket: gift
Books: "In Search of America" by Peter Jennings, "A History of WWII"

U.S. Navy History book: Thrifted
Candle: Anthropologie (these are all over the house, my favorite scent) Capri Blue- Volcano

A look inside the hutch. This china is my wedding china. My great-grandmother collected china sets,
and gave a few of them to my Memaw (her daughter) when she died.  My Memaw gave me this set when I married Jay, since we did not have a wedding, thus did not register for china or gifts.

China pattern: Ashely Overseas, Eternal Love
Crystal: Eamon Irish Crystal

I actually found a few pieces of this pattern at the thrift store about 6 months ago and snapped up all they had to keep as replacements.  So I have a few extra's.

Here is another idea for artwork... These are vintage Irish postcards my m.i.l. and I collected over the course of a couple of years of attending an annual antique show.  My daughter was born on St. Patricks Day, and my mil is of Irish decent, so we like to find things like this to give her when she is older.  I decided to frame them in one long frame to use as artwork.  It was fun finding them, and I like the display idea.

So there ya go. Living room complete.

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