Thursday, July 21, 2011

House Tour- Kitchen

I am afraid I came across as ungrateful in some of my previous posts, and hope to take a second to clarify...
When we chose this house, I only saw pictures (and blurry phone pics, at that), so I had no idea what to really expect when I got here.
I arrived after three days of cross-country travel, six days of packing, loading, cleaning and a lot of emotional goodbye's.  So when I walked into this house, I shed quite a few tears.  It is so completely different from the house I left in Virginia that it just felt like the biggest shock of this entire experience.
Once I started getting the boxes unpacked, and hanging pictures and settling in, I really started to like this house. It is comfortable, and I am working my hardest to make I cozy for my crew.  
I realize I may have sounded whiny and complainy (yes, that IS a word), and I wanted to just say that I think God totally directed us to this house. We feel like our prayers were answered in so many ways, this was just one in a string, and I just wanted to share that....
I am getting quite comfortable in the kitchen, although the kids are STILL asking me where things go- as they unload the dishwasher. I really like how the kitchen is laid out.
The view from the living room.
Table: Great Bridge Furnitue
Rug: Wamart (free site to store)

Placemats: TJ Maxx
Cloth Napkins: Pottery Barn (end of season clearance)
Candle: Anthropologie Capri Blue Volcanco (shop here)

Looking to the right in the kitchen doorway.
Built-in desk area.

View from the garage entrance. Laundry room door.

This is the tv we replaced with the living room tv.

I love to collect small plates when I go thrifting or antiquing.
I got all most of them thrifting, but a couple are from Jay- he used to look for them while traveling.
Phone: Pottery Barn Grand (shop here)
The divided basket holds all our odds & ends.

Close-up of shelf over tv.

Entire desk area. I thought I would hate this, but I am really enjoying it.

More thrifted plates. The silver shamrock was a gift.

At my mom's suggestion, I put all my cookbooks here.  Previously, they were on my bookshelf (the one you saw in my room), but I love having them close at hand. The smaller/uglier ones are in the doors above the open shelf.
Also, we have started reading a book aloud as a family at dinner, so the book at the end has been the one we are in the middle of. Currently: Mr. Popper's Penguins. In prep to see the movie.

Another piece from my father-in-law's mothers clean out.
White Leaf Platter: TJ Maxx
Green Leaf Platter: Target
Turqoise Bowl: Target
Crystal Candleholders: Gift from vow renewal
Book Stand: Target

Crystal Drink Set: Gift from my sister
Oversized Salt & Pepper: Gift from my sister
Bowls, Plates, Picters, Platters: All thrifted

View from fridge

Tiny bowls and dishes that used to be on open glass shelving.
I set them in this basket and leave it on the counter. I use the dishes regularly, and I love having access to them.

Latch Jar: Thrifted
Owl S & P: Gift shop in Pasco,WA
Books: from my aunt
Frame: TJ Maxx
Silver S & P: Anthropologie

The coffee corner.

Towels: Anthropologie (shop similar here)

Book: Gift from Rick & Rhonda
Sugar & Creamer: Thrifted
Spice jars: Ikea

View from back door.

Pitcher: Gift from Jay
Sugar Bowl: Anthropologie Gift from Jay's sisters
Small dish: Anthropologie Gift from Allie
Bird S & P: Gift from Ashley

Look at this adorable trivet I thrifted last week!

I also found this S&P set.

View of the whole kitchen.

Cute hooks holding my apron collection.
Hook: Pier One
Top Apron: Anthropologie Gift from Jay

Platter: Target

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