Friday, July 29, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

I have some reviews for you from Anthro in Kansas City.  Let me know what you like/don't like and if you have questions.  I tried on quite a few things that are not me, but for you readers to get an idea of size/color.
Here we go:

Sugared Dress, $198
Corey Lynn Calter
Fit: TTS/Snug

First is the Sugared Dress. This is a true 1950's style dress. The fit was true to size in my opinion, however, keep in mind that it is made to fit like a retro dress. That sounds weird, I know.  It is more fitted in the waist and shoulders.  I tried my typical size 4.  The belt comes with the dress.  I will buy this at sale time. And I don't normally like flared skirts.

Eastward Dress Coat, $288
Lauren Moffatt
Fit: TTS

I really liked this coat. It gives off a total retro/vintage vibe.  I tried on the small and it was perfect. I snapped up the front and still had room. Also, the sleeves are 3/4 length, and loose enough to wear a sweater under.  Don't count this out in a colder climate.  I will also add this to my sale wishlist.

Ajisai Dress, $138
Sariah Carson
Fit: TTS

Another great dress. I have never heard of this designer, but I love the print. I tried this on only to review, but I ended up really loving it.  I tried on a 4.  This has a cross front, but I would wear a cami under it.

Take Action Dress, $168
Girls From Savoy
Fit: TTS

I know this is not the first colorway for this dress, but it was my first time trying it on. I liked it, but I did not love it.  This would be a possible 2nd/3rd (4th, 5th) cut purchase for me.

Across The Land Dress, $138
Fit: TTS/Bigger
Again, I know this is not the first colorway of this dress, but my first try-on.  I actually like this colorway much better, but it is not my style.  I found it a little on the bigger side, which made me self-conscious about the the gap at the chest.  Over-all it is a very nice dress, and feels great, but I was not crazy about it.  It looks much better on AppGal. :)

Tupelo Dress, $168
Fit: TTS

This little number has been making a very popular appearance in the blog world, and I can see why. It is a very flattering fit. I liked it very much, but it felt flimsy. I would not feel comfortable without at least a half slip. I will keep this in mind for sale time.

Brilliant Chaos Shift, $198
Plenty by Tracy Reese
Fit: TTS/Snug

I really liked this dress. It felt like great quality, and it gave a Totally 80's feeling. It has a mini-dress style without being obscene.  I like the "wings" up the front, although I can see this being a hit-or-miss dress in the community.  This is on my wishlist.
More reviews tomorrow......

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