Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Part 2

I I decided to break up the reviews into two parts, since I tried on so many things at one time. Yesterday was all dresses (and the coat), and today is tops and bottoms.

Tee: After Plaited Tank, $48
Fit: Ran Small
Pants: Dixie Trousers, $98
Fit: TTS (meant to be fitted)
Sweater: Artist Study Cardigan, $98
Fit: A bit on the small side (compared to other recent Anthro sweaters)

I love, love, loved these pants. They are vibrant and comfortable, and the fit is spot on. I tried on the 4, and since I have a lot of junk in my trunk (as previously established), and since they are machine washable, I sized up to a 6. The sweater was also a hit, and not as floppy and loose fitting as recent Anthro offerings.  The After Plaited tank was a bit on the small side to me.  I tried on the x-small, which is where I have been lately in tanks at Anthro, and it was snug in the arm holes.  I would size up to a small to buy.  The pants and sweater may or may not have jumped into my car with me....

Tee: Flourishing Stripes Tank, $78
Fit: TTS

I loved this tank in both colorways. I couldn't decide which was better, and would like to have them both, so I am going to chance it until sale and try to do a two for one.  The only down side about them was that although they are roomy and comfortable, but fit in the arm holes, the front was a little low for me. So I think I would be wearing some type of a tank bra to get a little more coverage.  Any of you have any good ideas for layering under this?

Chrysanthemum Moon Chemise, $68
Fit: TTS- a bit big

I labeled this as a bit big, because I took a small in the dressing room and was swimming in it.  I switched it out for an x-small (don't even get me started on "vanity sizing", girlfriends!), and it fit perfectly.  I am such a sucker for a chemise that can double as a summer dress that I was pretty much sold at the start, but this even has fall styling ideas popping into my head. I jumped on this one.

Liquid Acres Skirt, $118
Fit: ? This is a puzzle

What a complete disappointment. I was sold on this skirt before I stepped foot in the store, since I was drooling over the catalog images. I was so excited to find it right away. But that excitement quickly dissipated once it was zipped up. I love old bark cloth curtains, and this print is a spot-on replica of the curtains we had when I was a kid (I know that would turn most people off, but that makes this nostalgic girl giddy). The fit leaves much to be desired.  Here is my theory:
I love the whimsy and distinct ideas Anthropologie generates, but I do wish there were a set designer that came up with a solid fit/cut and added new prints and textures each season- similar to J Crew's No. 2 Pencil Skirt.  Give me that fit with this print, and it is a match made in heaven.
I tried on the 4, and maybe I needed to go down to the 2, but the pockets were already bulging. The waist felt loose, so I don't thing going down a size would have helped.  Largely, a flop.

Top: Wrap Around Blouse, $98
Portrait of a Girl
Fit: Big
Skirt: Square Study, $148
Eva Franco
Fit: TTS

This skirt reminded me of a skirt Anthro had out last fall, and I never jumped at that one because the fit was all wrong on me.  This one is more my fit style, and I really liked it. This is the 6, and I would buy a 4, so I would say it is true to size. The blouse was very big, and I thought it was just another loose one, but realized they only had a 6 and a 0, so I was basically stuck. I think to purchase I would need to go all the way down to a 2.  You might want to try this one on before ordering to be sure.  I love the green and the navy colorway of these.

Alchemilla Tee,  $68
One September
Fit: TTS

I really liked this tank. I need another blue top like a hole in the head, but I could see me wearing this a lot in the winter with cardigans. I added this to wishlist. Perfect to add to my Mom Uniform.

Here are some nice pics Madison took while I was shopping. She loves the details in the store as much a me!

What do you think?

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