Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Pseudo Repeat

I wore this cardi and belt like this last week, and I loved it. So when a dear friend gave me a beautiful creamy eyelet dress, I decided to treat it to the same cardi and belt (especially since I have already packed my closet, and there were slim pickins' in there.) combo.  I attended a banquet with my mom, Memaw and sister last night, and asked a friend to snap our picture.
My mom, sister, me and Memaw

I know. I don't look like anyone in my family. I never have.
(Still trying to get my parents to admit they adopted me.)

Dress: Gift from Allyson (B.Republic)
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie
Belt: Anthro Rippled Ribbon Belt
Bracelet: Anthro Omnifarious Bracelet
Necklace: F21 Bird with a pearl
Shoes: Thrifted Italian shoes

This one is for Kara:
Smashbox tinted moisturizer (I mixed the light and the medium together).
Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronzer on cheeks, nose, forehead.
Too Faced Naked Eye (Birthday Suit, Like a Virgin & Stiletto)
Loreal Carbon Black eyeliner, and Voluminous Mascara
Touch of Tarte Tipsy on the apples of cheeks.
Neutrogena Moistureshine in Glimmer (I have every color)
Things are coming along with the move.  I have most of the house packed, and we are down to the last little bit. I am advertising for a renter for our home, and we have signed papers on the new house.  My husband's office is open and doing phenomenally well!  My patience with the kids is running thin, and I don't like feeling this way. I adore my children and absolutely love being their mom.  Being mom and dad is draining, and I can't wait to get my family all back together again.  I am so excited for Jay and his success that it does make the separation bearable.  Plus he comes home for a visit in a few days, which will help. Thanks for all the encouragement!

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