Friday, June 10, 2011

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

Last night was my going away dinner with the Bible Study girlfriends.  My buddie Allie hosted, and not only did she do an absolutely lovely job hosting, she was beautiful too. She wore my favorite shoes, so I made sure to take some pictures of her to share with you.  Funny thing: Allie called me the other day to get me on my laptop to look at something on the J Crew website she wants to buy.  She said, "You are the only one I can call and talk to about this stuff."  And then we talk about in depth stuff, and then back to fashion. I love that!  Allie has pushed through my tendency to build a wall around myself, with her outgoing personality and her eagerness to meet people and befriend strangers.  I am challenged and amazed by her.  And I am going to miss our daily interactions tremendously. (Insert fat tears here.)
Allie dressed up for me!

And these are my favorite shoes.

My sweet friend.
I rode with my girlfriend Susan of Susan's Coffee Chronicles, and I am also going to miss her dearly. She, too is moving- to TEXAS. SO not fair.  That is where I was supposed to be going (in my mind!), but she gets to go. However, we are already planning a getaway to Austin. A place I have always wanted to vacation. Susan has been my trusty side-kick and Bible Study helper. Anything I have asked her to do, she has done with a smile.  She and I both share a rabid love for coffee, and love to get together for coffee meet-ups. I am so going to miss her.
Here are some pictures of the evening:

Lovely Michelle

Michael took a group shot from the stairs.  Love these ladies.

It was 101 degrees here in V.B. yesterday.
Allie's air conditioner could not keep up with
all the extra hot air that many women brought
in with all the chatter. We were dripping sweat.
Poor Terri was soaking wet, and the sight
of her with a towel wrapped around her
was cracking us all up!

Look how cute Sara was!
She looked like she just stepped
out of the Urban Outfitters catalog.
It was a beautiful evening, and I am so thankful to know each one of these girls, and so very sad to leave them.
I popped the tags off of the Fluid Form I got while in San Francisco (thank you, Jay!), and I am so glad I did. I love this dress:
Dress: Anthropologie Fluid Form
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Touchstone Crystal
Bracelet: Tiffany Venetian Link

I love the bow on the neck.

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