Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'd Rather Be....

...lounging by the pool. But instead, I cleaned my entire house today for someone to come look at it. And they didn't. show. up.  Really.  (This is me giving them the stink eye.)
It was 101 degrees here today. I cleaned in my swimsuit, hoping to be done in time to go lounge in the pool.  But noooooooo.
Today was our last day of Bible Study before summer break.  There aren't words to express just how much I am going to miss them all.
Dress: Surf brand from Corner 24
Belt: J Crewlet
Sweater: Gift from Peggy
Necklace: Banana Republic
Sandals: Thrifted (at an awesome shop in Asheville)

Tonight was my going away dinner at Allie's house with the Bible Study girls. It was so fun, and Allie did a beautiful job hosting. Pictures forthcoming....

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