Friday, July 1, 2011


Wondered where I have been?
We made the cross-country trek to our new home in Kansas last week, and have been drowning in boxes ever since.
Want to know more about our adventures?  Let's see, we had:
A flooded dirt driveway (we moved to the country)
A gas dryer that sounded like a freight train (thank you, landlords for doing us THAT favor)
A refrigerator that can't be removed from the kitchen (great idea- whoever built that island AFTER the Titanic fridge was installed)
A stove that wouldn't slide back b/c the countertops were cut too long (dear countertop guy- measure a stove before you cut)
A SNAKE in the house (you read that right!)
A living room so small we are now selling furniture.

On the bright side, we live on 5 acres, and it is quite peaceful. (Tractor pull at Debra's next Friday night!)
We are getting settled and trying to find our way around. The kids seem to be doing well.
Here are some pictures from the trip.
Zach playing outside a hotel in East Tennessee

Madison running Samson

Driving thru Memphis

Crossing the mighty Mississippi

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