Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogger Meet-Up (Oh What Fun!)

While we were in San Francisco, not only did I get to meet my friend Peggy in REAL life, I also got to meet a couple of other Bay area bloggers. We went to Anthropologie in Downtown San Fran, and shopped and talked.  My pictures are soft, because I am sticking to my photography class rules, and refusing to use flash. I think the sales girl in the dressing room popped the flash once, b/c she kept getting frustrated. Haha!
I was enchanted with the interior of the downtown store. They had the most amazing replica of the Golden Gate Bridge made out of Rice-A-Roni boxes!

I got to meet Bethy from Style Aesthetic, and Anjali from Love and Wardrobe.

Yep, this is my stalker position. I thought I could get better pis from above, where they didn't know I was watching.
(I was right!)


Cute displays in the downstairs.
One of the many reasons I love this store.

Peggy and Anjali chatting in the dressing room.

Anjali rocking the Neo-Refinement Pullover

Here's the gang.

What do you wear to a fashion blogger meet-up?
I wore my Fortunes Favor Jumper (per Susans suggestion),  Unearthed Necklace, Cherokee Cardi, and strappy sandals.

Bethy opening her gift from Peggy, she brought us all one!

The gifter!

Anjali, showing hers off. A necklace with a camera pendant. How appropriate!
Thanks, Peggy!
Thanks for taking the time to meet Peggy and I, girls! It was great! :)

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