Monday, April 25, 2011

Drifting By

So- like a dweeb I packed up my egg tray. Why does this matter?  I have been looking for years for a vintage egg tray. I found one this year while thrifting with Allie. I even haggled the sales lady at the thrift store and walked away from it at one point, because, I mean it is just utterly ridiculous for the thrift stores to price things as if they are new in the retail store. That is WHY I am shopping at the THRIFT store in the first place, crazy thrift store pricers!  But the waiting paid off, because I went back a week or two later, and it had been marked down from $12.99 to $3.49! Mine is similar in color and style to this ebay listing, it has a handle, but not two layers.  But pointless, because I packed it. Did I not put it together that I would BE here this year for Easter?  Just further proof that I am actually leaving.

I took Madison out to see Soul Surfer Saturday, which turned into a mini shopping trip, and dinner at Cracker Barrel, and pedicures. Why? Because she is feeling the same way I am, come to find out. It doesn't seem real that we are leaving yet, but she is grieving the loss of her friends. I know exactly how she feels. She even wants to support her daddy, and not let him know how she is feeling.  So pedicures to cheer us up, right? Works for me.

J and I hid eggs for the kids Sunday morning before church. We threw a twist on it, to keep the teenagers in it.  We hid money in four of the eggs. One being a $5 bill.  The catch?  J told them that once they picked it up they had to keep it.  Well, Cory went for all the easy ones, and filled his quota without getting any money. Needless to say, he was not amused. Madison ended up winning the $5.
And..... Begin!

We got TJ out of bed.



Sweet boy!

I love this kid.

"Not Fair!"

Looking for the goose that laid the golden egg.

And no, I don't have any pictures of them dressed for church.  We ran out the door, and they were half undressed before we got back home again. Besides, I didn't buy anything new for anyone. Wanted the focus to be on the celebration of Christ's resurrection and our family time.  We had a nice lunch at my parents after church.
Outfit: Daughters of the Liberation Fortunes Favor Jumper, Anthro
Shoes: Unseen- but Aerosoles Wedge Sandal
Earrings: Simple- Sterling Silver hoops
Bracelets: Pandora Best Friends, Tiffany Ball, Tiffany Charms, Tiffany Box Chain, Tiffany Links

New make-up colors. (More to follow)
I feel like my posts are getting kind-of wordy, but I have a lot on my mind. The sad thing is that I have edited it down to this! Haha!

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