Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Repeat for the Fans....

Saturday was my little niece Jessica's First Birthday. And it has been freezing cold here all week. (Sleet and freezing rain here right now!!) So I we with the Petticoat Cardigan again, and this time I took some pictures. :)
I lead a Bible Study Group on Thursday mornings, and we have been studying the life of David.  If you are familiar with the story of David (found in 2 Samuel), you know that it can be very intense at times. This has brought up some difficult conversations in the group (and outside it too).  A big theme in my life, after struggling with sin for a long time, is modesty.  I truly believe that personal modesty is relative to your life circumstances/experiences, and will differ from person to person.  I have friends and family who are convicted about wearing pants, and never wear them. I also have friends who think pants are more modest than skirts. I tried to follow what was expected of me (by other people) for a long time.  Partly out of respect.  I think it is a tough line to walk.  The Word says we are "In this world, but not of it."  I love that the blog-o-sphere is full of other girls just like me- who love God and want to honor Him.  I am a student of the Bible, but I am also a real person and make mistakes (often).  I love fashion and home decor, but I don't want it to be my life. I want it to be a part of the puzzle.  I hope that the things I say and do lead back to the work that Christ has done in my heart. And that work is on-going.
Sweater: Anthro Petticoat Cardigan
Leggings: Target Mossimo ($6, holla)
Tank: American Eagle
Necklace: Anthro, Obscured Orbs
Boots: DSW, Ciao Bella Thabata Two-Tone

AND...... The Birthday Girl!
Jessica Lynn (she shares my middle name!) is a big 1 year old!


  1. Love that cardi!! That color looks really great on you! Hoping for popbacks!

  2. Great post. I feel that fashion can be such a fine line at times. My ideas of modesty have changed since I got married and had boys of my own.

    The cardigan looks great on you!

  3. I love the post. This week on FBFF the theme was feminism. My thoughts about feminism and modesty and clothing have been greatly influenced by my relationship with Jesus. I have been a Christian since I was 16 (I am getting close to the big 5-0) and I am always growing in my idea of how I bring glory to God in my life, including the way a present my outer man to the world. I agree, fashion and beauty and decor is part of me but is not my life. My life is found in Christ alone - except when I blow it and I get to start over. He is the God of second chances. I have used a lot of them and I am confident He still loves me. You blessed me today. Have a blessed day! xoxo

  4. You are gorgeous in the cardi - look at that tiny waist! Material things are wonderful, but at the end of the day - they are just that ;)

  5. Ditto to what Jan said...although I love me a cute piece of clothing, it's not the most impotant thing of course. I think you can make room for everything in life with balance. YOu look so cute in the Petticoat cardigan...after seeing it in your Polyvore sets and Jan wearing it on her blog I broke down and tracked one enablers you! =)

  6. I can't really change my running schedule too much, as I am doing it with a running group that has a set schedule. But thank you for the feedback.

    Your cardi is super cute btw!

  7. love your thoughts on modesty! i love the kinship for a shared goal that blogging gives us. and how have i never noticed those boots before? two tone perfection!

  8. Bravo sister! Very cute OOTD and very astute commentary--love that!
    Though I have been following Christ now for many years, my definition/standard of modesty has also evolved and still is i'm sure. As I like to say about many things these days: it's not really about the piece of clothing, it's a heart issue---which of course then translates over to the clothing. Thanks for your positive influence in that are of my life since I have known you.

    Also have to say after spending so much time in Africa, I appreciate fashion/beauty products etc. just as much if not more. If I lived there as a missionary, it may be different. Definitely don't give my clothes as much though when I'm at the orphanage. However, for right now, I'm living here in the US and enjoy being culturally relevant:-))

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