Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"And Visions of Shoes Danced In Her Head"

No interesting OOTD's. I stayed home with a sick Little Man Sunday and didn't go to church.  So I just threw on comfy Loft pants and a black v-neck H&M sweater to clean and get ready for my family to come over and celebrate Madison's birthday (only 10 days late!). While I was cleaning, I listened to Pandora and watched/listened to a portion of a live web cast of a church in California.  It was so neat!  I have my Pandora station set to Third Day.  Here is one of my absolute all time favorites.

I wanna be a rock star
But, I ain't got what it takes
The drive and the determination
And the lucky breaks
I wanna be a rock star
But, I ain't got the face
I wanna be a rock star
But, I ain't got what it takes

Seeing my face up on the TV
Hearing my songs on the radio
People waiting all day in line to see me
Doing my pose for Rolling Stone
Well, it's alright, yeah it's alright

Living lifestyles of the rich and famous
Turning all heads in the music scene
Flying in my own jet plane to Vegas
Riding in a big black limousine

Well, it's alright, yeah it's alright
No, I ain't got nothing
But, to you I'm something
Something so much more

This describes me to a "T". I sometimes think I could be something so much more. Then I am quickly reminded that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Being the best "me"!

On a side note:  
I have been "browsing" some shoes from my favorite designer, and I am lovin' a bunch of the new stuff out! I tried on a few pair yesterday in store, but I always like to look around online to see the best prices and what is available.
What is my favorite designer? (I thought you'd never ask!)
Nine West!
I think they have the best thing going. Great selection, on-trend styles, consistent sizing, quality materials, and awesome pricing- even at full price.
Here are my top favorites right now:
Adalaina Slingback Yellow

Aniya Sandal Black

Atthesea Pump

Finney Pump Grey Suede

Janetta Open-Toe Flat

Jennifer Pump Beige
And what about the Anthro-lover?  I want the Seychelle Sloan Square Heel that is currently sold out on the web-site!!!

What is your favorite shoe brand?  Why? What are you wishing for right now?


  1. awww, is Zach feeling better? Love the 9 west choices. I might have to get those Jennifers. I was trying on nude pumps at Kohls tonight-nada. I love Pandora too - so many great songs I find.

  2. Love that first pair of slingbacks! I have some coming from HauteLook (NYLA Placido Wedge) that look something like them.
    Shoes? Oh what a question! I would say my top three favs are Nine West, Steve Madden, and Jessica Simpson (I know, I know--but that's fine, cause I'll buy what you don't! ;-P). Though these three brands are repeated the most in my shoe stash, I love all kinds of other "off" brands too...like the boots I wore today for the first time by Not Rated (see them at www.StealMyStyle.net ;-0).

  3. Oh, when am I not dreaming about fabulous shoes?!!! My favorite brands are Seychelles and Steve Madden. Also love Miss Albrights as well from Anthro...so many cute designers to choose from! I love that last pair of heels with the cute patterned bow...SWOON!!!

  4. So, I am bit of shoe freak but I can't choose just one brand. My 2 favs - today - are Seychelles and Steve Madden. Also, classics like Marc Jacobs are always cool. Oh - and Mephistos for comfort. (Mephisto's are NOT CUTE - just sayin'.)

  5. Love that last shoe! I have a wide range of favorites but one of mine is Repetto :)


  6. I hope the little guy is feeling better! And I love your shoe choices -- the striped flats made me gasp! One of my favorite shoe designers is Seychelles because they make such fun and funky products! I admittedly only own 2 things from them, though, haha! I also have a massive soft spot for Kate Spade's offerings, but the prices have kept me from ever buying a pair. Sigh.