Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away! (And don't come back until I am tired of watering my flowers!)

Oh. My. Goodness. I feel like I live in the Pacific Northwest! It has been non-stop rain here, and it is chilly to boot.  So tired of the rain.  In fact, I put on a dress in the morning when I got dressed yesterday to go to my torture waxing appt. (It was time again.), but got so drippy wet, I came home and took it off.
My BFF Freda and I got tickets from her husband for Valentines Day to see Celtic Woman, so we went last night.  It was a beautiful show. Freda and I are both music oriented, and we both sang/sing and took voice lessons as teenagers, so we are big fans of vocal performance, and technically correct singing.  The harmonies were gorgeous, and the live music was beautiful.  It was a great night. I know the freedom to have time with Freda is coming quickly to an end.  We polished off our night at Village Inn for pie. (There is no social ill that a good piece of pie can't cure.)
Here is what I ended up changing into for the concert:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Sweater: J Crew Corwin
Jeans: F21
Boots: DSW Ciao Bella Thabata
Belt: Volcom, thrifted
Necklace: F21 Bird
Earrings: Dillards Pearl Hoops

Rain Hair, YUCK!

Guess what?! You get a two-fer today. I am also throwing in today's OOTD. Just consider it a freebie, since inflation has left us all with empty pockets.  (Have you BEEN to the gas station lately?!)

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: H&M, thrifted
Bracelet: Gold Links, thrifted
Earrings: Anthro, Pearl Chandelier
Shoes: Nine West, Nuncio

Cheezin' Big-Time. J was trying to get in my pic.

Waxing update, boys leave the room..........
This was my second leg waxing, and third deepline bikini. I am still getting used to not shaving, but Adriana, my professional says that after the next appt, I will be totally surprised.  It did not hurt as bad yesterday as the last time either.
Oh, yeah! And that pie from last night? Completely free, once we got to the register. Free Slice Wednesday. Who knew?  Hey, Village Inn! Freda and I will be back next Wednesday- with friends.


  1. LOVE AS IN ABSOLUTELY LOVE your thrifted h&m skirt outfit. GET OUT! the shoes make it just perfect and so parisienne.
    and WAXING! my dear. from the shoulders down.
    and and can we get some pictures of your home decor? i love everything i see in the background of your pictures!

  2. Very cute OOTDs...especially the second with those Nine West shoes! And look at you rocking those low rise F21 jeans like a teenager!! No tummy to hide for you;-))Must be all that running!
    My friend just got waxed for the first time today (bikini and underarms) and says she's probably hooked. I have NEVER been waxed...doesn't that shock you? Well I guess I'll have to set out on that adventure--just don't expect me to blog about it...although, I probably will! LOL
    Beautiful as always. XOXOXO
    Oh and yes, show us some of that "antique chic" home decor of yours;-)

  3. Love the first look...super classy and cute. The second is also adorable...that skirt looks great on you! Glad you got to have some girl time with your BFF!!

  4. So jealous! Celtic Woman... *sigh* and *color me jealous* Cute outfit for the evening. Must say I LOVED the morning outfit. As gorgeous as it is in the photos, it was even better in person. The pic doesn't do justice to the shoes. :) We will have to discuss waxing I'm off to shave my legs now. Hahahah. No, really. I am. :)