Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have I Talked to You About Keds Yet?

Even more awesome Keds!
Champion Monkey Biz, $40
Champion Spectator, $60
Champion Iconic Prints, $35
Champion Jute Slip-On, $45

Keds Champion Graphite, $35
And for the Glitter Girl:
Champion Crushed Glitter, $55
Champion Velvet Graphite, $45
And my daughter's personal favorite:
Champion Animal Print, $40
Enough about Keds? Point made.


  1. I love Keds too! When I lived in Texas, I would go to the Keds outlet all the time and find the most awesome deals! I have made it a point to try and collect as many things as I can with monkeys or apes on them; after all I am an anthropologist! Thanks for these!

  2. Oh the glitter Keds are some kind of lovely! I was considering getting a pair of Toms for the spring, but if Keds are coming back ...

    I've whined about this before, but if they would only come back with the wedge Keds! So sporty YET pretty!

  3. Lisa, I have never seen those... Now you have me interested! :) Also for the glitter-minded:

    Terri- I have never seen a Keds outlet. Where in Texas was it? I love monkeys too.

  4. The Keds outlet is in San Marcos. They might have more in other outlet locations too--the one I went to in Virgina (at Potomac Mills) mostly had kids stuff but sometimes they had some good women's stuff.

  5. Terrie- You live in DC? I am coming up next week...

  6. Not anymore (used to live in Woodbridge)! I'm in the good ol' Tri-Cities of WA now!

  7. OH, that's right! We talked about that, b/c of the coffee! :)
    I just got a new shipment of Roasters last week! ;)