Friday, January 7, 2011

Guess What Came Today????? (Plus a bonus!)

Two pretty boxes were on my porch today!
The Refined Cords Shirtdress, and the Midnight Spring Cardigan!
Two out of four, now more waiting....

Now on to two new things I would like to start talking about on this blog: Thrifting and Housewares

Here are a few of this weeks thrifting finds:
Jeans and Volcom shorts for Madison $5

Heavy coat (Lands End) and windbreaker-both look new- for Zach $16

Jay's N.C. finds- Banana Republic shirt, Ralph Lauren shirt (for himself), and a Pendelton flannel for TJ or Cory. $19

Super cute mustard sweater $2

Two J Crew button downs, $8 (but I had a groupon for that store)

The two J Crew shirts farther back...
 And my biggest bonus....
There are SO many little things that I love about my home. I love making a home and I love little details. As much as I love cute clothes, I love to "dress" a room too.  It is a fun hobby to be on the look out for interesting things to add to our home.
On Fridays, I am going to start a feature on home vignettes around my home, and find some interesting things in other places too....
I am starting in my kitchen:

Adorable linen kitchen towels that I found for $1 at a thrift in Hampton

Here is the other one, both $1

One of the glass shelves I designed into our kitchen remodel last summer to showcase my collection of bowls and plates. I received this adorable little plate for Christmas LAST NIGHT from my girlfriend Allie. (She got it at Anthro in DC) Don't you just LOVE it?!

 I think cute and vintage home stuff are some of the easiest things to find at thrift stores.  I am very often asked how I thrift. There are so many methods, but my most common way is to really focus on one particular section.  For example, Jay and I hosted Thanksgiving in our home, but I noticed I was severely lacking in the glassware dept. (The glass faeries kept coming and breaking random glasses in the middle of the night.)  So for two weeks, I would pop in and out of the thrift stores and pick up glasses. I collected enough to fill our glass cabinet, and only spent maybe a total of $4-5.  And that includes picking up a few unusual Coca-Cola glasses for TJ (he collects them). Some glasses were only $.19, and some were closer to $.99. Granted, they are not a "set", but I picked similar color families- and I don't prefer sets of things anyway.  While I was in each store, I would audit each dept, by walking through, but not in depth like the glass shelves.
I will talk more about thrifting as we go around my house! ;)
Let me know if this is interesting to you or not.  I hope to spend more of the new year on appreciating the things I have, and using them in new ways, and less on acquiring more.


  1. I love homemaking - and I love to see things others have done - and I love vintage... so - answer is - I LOVE THIS AND IT IS INTERESTING TO ME!

  2. our thrift stores stink! I wish I could go with you. We have been remodeling our home for 8 years - you bet 'cha I'm just chomping at the bit to get to decorating!!

  3. I love thrifting (which you already know) and am waiting to have another thrifting date with you!!! BTW, LOVE that you are including this in your blog. :)