Saturday, January 8, 2011

Refined Cord OOTD

Okay, my Anthro Cord-wearing fanatics, I need polyvores for the Refined Cord shirtdress.
I got the navy color, and popped the tags off that bad-boy today. This is very different for me, so I need a few ways to wear it...
We took the kids up to the mall tonight. Apparently, the Christmas money was about to go up in smoke- right in the teenager's wallet, so off to the Van's store we go.  We were joined by about 1,002 other teenagers (or younger) who's parents couldn't be bothered to actually DO something with their kids.  Instead, they opted to drop them all off at the mall, so that we could enjoy their underwear. That is all you can see, since their pants are down around their ankles.  Note to future parents dropping kids off at the mall on Saturday night:
GIVE THEM ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY A BELT!  (Especially since they don't have any actual money to shop with, just want to annoy those of us who do.)
I digress.
I tried on a couple of skirts in Gap and snapped an OOTD pic real quick, to show you how I wore the RC dress:
Dress: Anthropologie Refined Cord Shirtdress
Necklace: Forever 21 bird necklace
Tights: Gap (grey textured)
Boots: Ciao Bella
OH, and the next time I tell you I am going to the mall on a Saturday night, conk me over the head, pry the boots off my cold feet and put me in my pajamas.  The mall on a Saturday night=The pain of Black Friday.

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  1. love your refined cord! Looks great the way you styled it! I wear it just plain with mary janes- plain and belted with boots, with a light pink long sleeve tee under it belted (like it was in the catalog photo) and with a tneck under it, belted, boots!