Monday, January 31, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews (Dresses)+ A Major Score

My sweet man happily agreed to a last minute stopover in Richmond on our way home from visiting Heather at the farm this weekend. (Love that girl!) 
I was really hoping to find this and this, to see in person.  They have been on my wishlist since release.  And since I am trying to find at least 5 ways to wear my new purchases, I have been very carefully considering each item.  In case you couldn't tell by all the Polyvores I have been creating lately- using things I don't have yet. :)

Here are the dresses I tried on, and what I thought of them. Sorry for the blurry pics. I was using my phone, and it is very sensitive to movement.  Next time, I am taking my Cannon Powershot.

Tried on: X- Small
Pro's: Amazing fit!
Con's: Sheer top
I absolutely loved this dress, and have wishlisted it for sale. These pics are an X-Small, but I also tried on a Small.  I will buy the small, at first cuts.  This is a beautiful dress, love the fit, as it hides all my "mom of four" body flaws, and drapes beautifully. The length is perfect, too.

Here it is with the Pulling it Together Sweater
Tried on: Small
Pro's: Super comfy, love the color
Con's: Sheer bottom (although, it is a chemise)
I wanted this to wear as a dress for Spring and Summer, and loved it in person as much as online.
The bottom is sheer, but I wear slips with dresses anyway.  It is very versatile. 
This came home with me at full price, but since it is for spring, it is going to stay in the bag, with the receipt, so I can re-buy at sale price. Just wanted to make sure I have it in my hot little hand. :)
Here it is with the Pulling It Together Sweater.
And again, sweater closed more....

Tried on: Size 4
Pro's: LOVE the color, fit
Con's: Don't have any
I adore this dress. It was another on my new release wishlist.  The color is perfect for many styling variations, and the cut is very flattering. I particularly love the high neck (but not too high), since it means no worry of gaping.  Also, it can be worn with tights and boots, or summery with sandals.  Lightweight, and soft material.  Seems very true to size for Moulinette Soeurs.  Wishisted for sale, but worth the price.

Now, on to my major score!  I found these bad boys in the corner of the sale room behind a rack in a bin.  I could not believe they were my size, and they were marked down to $39.95! I can't find the original price, but the last markdown was $89.95.
Miss Albright Old Clem Peeptoes


  1. Wow great helpful reviews. Those 2 dresses are a PERFECT fit on you!! I hope u get them at sale!! The boots, no way, Miss Albriet??? Lovvvvvve!

  2. Love all the cute dresses on you...that last one is adorable! Congrats on your fun shoe find...great unexpected finds like that are the best! =)

  3. that floral dress looks SLAMMIN! i hope to look like you, and i only have 2 little tax deductions!

  4. Heidi, you are great to have around... :)
    AND I read your post about the 30 day shred. I have been running (still), but I am bumping up the strength training, too. I borrowed that video from my girlfriend for the days I don't want to drive to the gym.
    (Re-posting to your profile. ;)