Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Fitting Room Reviews (Skirts & Tops)

Here are the rest of my reviews.  I wanted to break them up, so the post wasn't so long. Plus, it stretches the enjoyment, right?!

Here are the skirts:

Amhara Skirt by  Edme & Esyllte, $68
Pro's: Versatile
Con's: Fit
Tried on: Size 2
This skirt was not on my wishlist, but in person, the colors are SO vibrant and this skirt was very versatile.
I love that it would go with so many things that I already own, the "wear 5 ways" rule would be very easy. 
 I love the contrast waistband, and easy pull on.
That being said, I didn't love the fit.  My waistline is the biggest part of me, and I didn't find it very slimming.
However, it is such a great skirt, and at such a great price point, I am wishlisting for sale.

Decade-By-Decade Skirt by Tracy Reese, $128
Pro's: Beautiful fabric
Con's: Price
Tried on: Size 4
It is no surprise to me that this skirt was Tracy Reese. I normally LOVE her fabric choices, and this was no exception.  I have read other blogger reviews that hate the length and seam placements. I did not find those things to be an issue with me.  The length is long, but that is because I have gotten used to the pencil style skirts.  I thought the length was flattering and I liked the high waistband.  I was disappointed in the price, especially since it has to be dry cleaned.  Since my shopping focus is more on shoes at this time, this skirt will have to make it to second cuts to fit my budget.  (BTW... I tried this on with my own GAP-similar here- blouse I wore to the store, and the same with the Amhara Skirt, so that top is really working out for me.)

Painted Morning Skirt by Elevenses, $88
Pro's: Fabric
Con's: Hmmm (you got me there. ;)
Tried on: Size 4
This was on my wishlist, the day it hit the Anthro web site. Needless to say, it filled my expectations.  I absolutely LOVED it.  I am a major sucker for drapery-style fabrics, especially with the sunny print. I would treat this as a neutral, and style it as if it were a solid color.  I love the waist and elastic belt, and the overall pencil style cut.  I am a big fan of Elevenses execution and detail, and this just "wowed" me.  The original price is low enough to make sale price even more exciting.  High on the wishlist!

Pro's: Vibrant color, Versatility
Con's: Length
Tried on: X-Small & Small
Obviously you know from yesterday's post that this little number came home with me.  But here is the review.  I wishlisted this when it hit the web site, but really wanted to try it on to see about the fit. Since I had done several Polyvores to determine it's everyday wearability, I needed it to fit a certain way.  The length is shorter than any cardigans I am currently wearing, but it works for the way I plan to wear it.  The color is great, and the little frill on the edge is a great detail to jazz it up.  I like the buttons, too.  I tried on the x-small first, and it fit fine, but I wanted to be able to wear sleeves under it, so I bought the small.  Also, it can be buttoned up with a simple tank or undershirt and worn over dresses, blouses, etc...  And, doesn't need to be dry- cleaned. (Hand wash.)  Great price-point.

Delicate Drafts Cardigan by Guinevere, $98
Pro's: Super comfy
Con's: None!
Tried on: Small
I tried on the small in this, because my store did not have an x-small.  I think if I were to buy, I would order the x-small, as this was roomy.  I loved the strong color, and do not own anything this color.  It is a great cardigan, and also doesn't need to be dry cleaned (hand wash).  I have so many other things high on the wishlist, I passed, but I may pick it up on sale.  I am happy to see more full-price offerings under $100.

Soldierly Sparkle Top by C. Keer, $68
Pro's: Fit
Con's: Construction
Tried on: X-Small & Small
This is another wishlisted favorite, and has been out for a while. I keep checking every Tuesday for sale cuts.  This was my first time to try it on, and was worried after seeing some negative reviews on the web site about the construction of the detailed front. I think this cut of tee is the most flattering on my body type for some reason, so I am drawn to that.  I see what others mean about the construction, but I liked it enough to be willing to treat it carefully. I though both sizes fit fine, and I liked the navy and grey. This is a must-have.

Pshew! That felt really long to type. So what do you think? Anything you liked/didn't like?  What is your current wishlist?

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  1. I'm so happy to see you tried on the red color of the Delicate Drafts...I haven't seen it on anyone yet and have been curious...LOVE! I'm also a fan of the SOldierly Sparkle top...go on sale already!!! Great reviews...that first skirt is really cute on you!