Monday, October 25, 2010

J Crew Fitting Room Reviews & OOTD

I went to MacAurthur with the girls last Sunday after church. Still in search of the perfect family pics outfit and also the perfect pencil skirt. I tried on the 4 last time, and this time, the 2. As expected, it fit better in the waist, but the bum was way too tight.  Like, "I am sorry, I have to stand for the 2 hour church service, or I might split some seams" tight. :)
Here is what I came in wearing:
I love this dress. I got it in the special sale room at Anthro last year, and picked it up b/c of the price tag, thinking, "I will try this on, but only because it is a steal." I fell in love, and it got a loving spot in my closet.  I have lost a few pounds since I bought it, so I threw on the favorite belt.  This weather is back and forth, so since I was freezing all day the day before, I added a tan cardigan, but ended up being to hot to keep it on....

What I tried on:

This is the wool pencil in the size 2- too tight.  But I love the sweater that is more like a tee. I am headed back for second cuts on this bad boy. The belt came home with me. (Allie insisted.)

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