Monday, October 25, 2010

Anthropologie Holiday Display Workshops Mix-up

When I looked at and RSVP'd for the Window Display Workshops, it showed as 10-24 on my calendar, and also on the Facebook calendar. So, I made arrangements for Rhonda, my friend and neighbor to give the kids a ride to church with her, and I planned to drive up to Richmond and back to participate.  I got up yesterday morning, double checked the time and date, put lunch in the crockpot, and got the kids' veggies all ready to go in the steamer, so they would have lunch upon return from church, and even put cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast.
I got to Anthropologie right on time at 10am, only to find the doors locked and no one in sight. While waiting, (and triple checking again- on my phone) 4 girls walked up, so cute they could only be Anthro employees. :)  I asked about the workshop and the manager said, "Oh, I think that is next week." 
I checked my phone again, it was showing as today!  The sweet manager invited me to come inside the store while she looked at the schedule.  Unfortunately, the Richmond store was scheduled for November the 5th- a day I can't go. But Hannah, as I found out the manager's name was, was sweet enough to offer me a candle and a cup of coffee for the mix up.  She also gave me the kit for the project, and offered to let me do one and send it back to her so that I would still be able to participate.  We walked down to Starbucks, where I insisted she did not need to buy my coffee, and we talked for a few minutes and she headed back to get her work done and open the store.
Long story short, I sat at Starbucks and completed the kit.

Finishing just minutes before the store opened.

I was able to look around and try some things on, and Hannah offered me any candle I wanted, and I made a small purchase. 
I was disappointed to not be able to participate in the event, but the girls were so sweet, it made me fall more in love with the store.  Thanks Anthro Richmond!
Here is what I tried on:

Random Moulinette Soeurs dress-
I can't find this dress online, but it does not matter. It was beautiful on the hanger, but terrible on me.  It was way too tight on the hips/bum/waist, and way too big up top. I am an average girl, and tried on a size 4. On par with the norm for me lately. Unless you are tiny on bottom, busty on top, leave it on the hanger.  Moulinette Soeurs, I want to love you!

Easy Keeper Skirt  byTracy Reese
Whitecaps Blouse by Odille
I might be the last person on earth review this skirt, but I LOVED it. This was on my wish list, and now it has made it to the keeper pile.  I can't wait for this to hit first cuts. I would love to use it for/around Thanksgiving.
The sister to the shirt in the pics came home with me. This one looked like it had already been washed and dried it was that messed up.  I already own it in white/baby blue stripes, but I got the black/ cream lace.

Last, but not least, was this ensemble. I liked it, but I did not LOVE it.  I will wait for cuts to decide on these. I like the blouse, just don't know how much I would use it, since I got this.
Voltane Tee by Deletta
I tried on the small in the tee, and should have tried the x.small also, b/c it felt floppy in the shoulders.  I tried on the 4 in the skirt, but should have tried the 2.  I would say they are true to size, but I would have liked the comparison.
I forgot to snap a pic of what I was wearing...


  1. Oh yey, the last outfit you tried on- I put the same pieces together as well! They actually go pretty well and I like the burgundy color on you!

  2. Thanks. :) I like the cream better. Might have to try that next time.