Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help! Polyvore for Family Pics

I love looking at Debye's Polyvore creations, and recently she did one for her family pics. Which turned out amazing.  I found a photographer that can do exactly what I have been hoping for, so I created a Polyvore for my family.  I want to dress up and my Maddie will too, while my men will not. So I am having a hard time with the balance...
What do you think?
I have tried on both outfits for me. Maddie would have to go try some things on.  I have the sweaters for all three boys, but not Jay's outfit...
My right-handed computer mouse handwriting is cracking me up.  I am a lefty.

This is the photography feel I am going for...


  1. I really like the outfits. I think they will look great for family photos. That is so hard to figure out what everyone is going to wear. I had the hardest time deciding.

  2. I am totaly facing the same thing right now! I think this looks great...maybe one more pop of color in there somewhere to balance out the bright purple color (a scarf or something). Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. My cousin suggested I go with the dress and wear plum shoes. I think that is a GREAT option. I loved how Debyes turned out. Did you look at the Michael Kors campaign?