Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Absence

In June we were happy to have the opportunity to travel home to Virginia to squeeze in visits and events as much as possible. It was awesome to be able to see our family and friends, but sad to leave them again to head back to the real world.
We flew in to Washington DC and visited with Jay's sisters and their guys. While we were there, we did some fun stuff, including visiting Old Town Alexandria to shop and eat. We also spent a rainy day under umbrellas trotting DC and visiting the Smithsonian Museums.
On Sunday of our visit, we all grouped up and went to Georgetown to the Key Bridge Boathouse and rented a plethora of kayaks and stand-up paddle boards and floated on the Potomac. That was the best fun! (You can see a photostream my bro in law took here.)
Me with my oldest, TJ
 From there, we drove down to Virginia Beach, where we crashed our friends Mike and Millie (I still can't believe they took all 6 of us in, and happily!) I was SO happy to be with my bud.
We rented a friends cottage in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and stayed a long weekend with my parents, my sister and her family. The first night there, a beautiful storm rolled in.

The cousins were so happy to hang together!
Although it was chilly while we were there, we were able to squeeze in one beach day, and some family mini golf. The down-time was awesome, and I'm so glad we were able to go.

Mr Handsome with his cousin Madelyn

These two are like two peas in a pod.

My Wrestler (tall as dad now)

Nana with two of her babies.

Little Miss Volleyball with Uncle Adam and Samantha

Cool shot of me in My Wrestler's reflection.

Back to Virginia Beach we went for one more week, where we visited some more, and tried to catch up with everyone.

I got to catch up with these amazing chicks, and the only thing we really got accomplished was a sermon on what real Christianity looks like (from Kara), some yummy food at Citrus (my suggestion) and a cool, hip hashtag (via Millie) for Instagram (find us at #thisfancyfabulousjourney to see our posts on food, fashion, photography, life). You can find me @modernmomx4.
Me, Millie and Kara
I went for a run for the first time EVER with my girl Jen. Who is doing the Couch Potato to 5k, and rocking it! Went for another stand-up paddle day with my girl Freda, who tried it for the first time, and of course she excelled.

And highlight of the trip, Jay and I got to see the Avett Brothers in Portsmouth! It was amazing. If you haven't heard of them, check it out! One of my favorites, below.

Our trip ended with an adventure getting home, but here we are, safe and sound. Back in Kansas, with our Samson doggie and our chickens.
I've missed my blogging buddies, and promise to get back into posting more regularly. Hope everyone is well, and having an awesome summer.

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