Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anthropologie October Catalog

The new October catalog arrived in my mailbox yesterday and "Wow!" I think Anthropologie is finally started to get back to what attracted me in the first place! I was blown away with the styling and photography of this month's catalog. Unfortunately, my wish list is growing, and my budget is staying the same. I will have to plan carefully to use my birthday discount next month, and hope my family remembers how much I love the gift of shopping!
Here are my favorite new arrivals.

I wish I had a fun party to have a great excuse to wear this dress! It's beautiful as styled on the cover of the catalog with the Petal Scalloped Pumps.

Adorable as styled on page 11 with the Lace Peplum Blouse, I would probably stick to neutrals with this patterned skirt. I love the idea of knee boots and tights with this skirt for winter. This reminds me very much of the Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt I got last winter, which I love.

I sure hope this isn't another case of Anthro changing the product during production, after the catalog shots are complete.  I love how long this scoops down in the back when shown over the Striated Lace Dress on page 12, but in this product shot it looks short. The color and texture is so luxurious, and would be adorable in a riding jacket style with a tuxedo blouse and leather boots.

The catalog shot on page 20 is gorgeous for this coat. Wool can be hit or miss for me, and the placement of the buttons on this will make or break the true wearablility. I would love to try this one on in person.

This is another item I would like to try on. The summer version of polka dot jeans didn't work on me, as they were very thin feeling, and seemed unflattering. I like this darker version, and think they would be a blast to style for fall/winter.

There were a couple of accessories in the catalog that I loved, but only a couple of pieces of jewelry. This is quite a switch for me, as I usually gravitate toward the jewelry more than anything. This necklace is beautiful and versatile, and the price point is right-on.

As beautiful as this bag is, it would have to be on 4th/5th 2nd/3rd cuts to come home with me, since I tend to beat up my bags, and I don't think this one could hang. Love the mixture of textures in this.

What were your favorite items in the catalog? Did you like the photography as much as I did?

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