Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Catch-Up

When I started working at Gap, I hoped I would have an opportunity to use my creativeness as an asset to the store. I thought that it would take 6 months or more to get that kind of notice, but only about 2 weeks after I started, I got a call at home from the general manager of our store about working more with social media, visuals and events. It's the position I dreamed of. I have had a lot to learn, and still am learning, but I love it! I am so excited to have an opportunity like this, and grateful to every one I work with for being so patient and answering my thousands of questions.
I have been working random crazy hours, so my blog posts are sparse because I am still getting used to balancing my family responsibilities, working, plus a heavy running schedule right now. I'm exhausted!
Here are a couple outfits I have been saving up to share with you.

 Sweater: Anthro Contoured Crewneck (similar and here)
Blouse: Gap chiffon tank, thrifted (similar and here)
Jeans: Anthro AG Farrah (here and here)
Boots: Hunter Original Wellies
Necklace: Anthro Kulfi Strands (similar and here)
 Shirt: J Crew Haberdashery (similar, love this!, cheaper)
Sweater: J Crew Tippi in Heart Me (cheaper)
Jeans: Target Mossimo Skinny in Snow Leopard (also here)
Shoes: Aldo Bowering Flat (similar)

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