Monday, June 25, 2012

Lia Molly Trade Post

Hey Blog Buddies!
I am back in the good old midwest, and trying to get back to "normal".
I opened my boxes while I was gone, and was mostly happy with my items. Contrary to what some of you said, I really was hoping to get a pair of leggings. The only mistake that was made was that I received one size medium in my size small box. I have written the company to see if they can correct that mistake.
Here is what I received:
Natalia Skirt (Still waiting on word for correcting the size mistake on this.)
Rosette Cardigan (M)
Mariee Cardigan (M)
I would love to trade any of these for the:
Francoise Cardigan? Small or Medium

The items I got in my size small box, I can't find the links for the names. I am pretty happy with those things, I just was hoping to get a pair of leggings...

Feel free to add more trades on in the comment box.
I can't take responsibility for who gets what or how the trades are arranged. Please remember to treat others with the Golden Rule. (In other words, play nice! :)

Thanks for all the feedback you have added so far. I am planning to write to LiaMolly and let them know what our collective thoughts are. I especially thank you all for your photographs sent to my email. I love hearing from all of you. I wish all of this had not occurred while I was back home visiting my family, or I would have written to each of you individually.

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  1. I ordered the medium but got smalls of the aimee (yay), kingfisher (which i already have), and the ruffly orange one you have.