Monday, May 21, 2012

On Kindness

Is kindness important?
I have seen some neat posters on Pinterest, but the ones that speak the most to me are about character. I love quotes and poems and even books, but if the things you learn are not translated into real-life situations, the knowledge is pointless.
I used to be a mean girl. When I was in high school, I don't think I opened my mouth unless it was to say something unkind about other people. Then I turned 18, and had a child I was responsible for and I knew I needed to make some changes. The Lord started working on my heart. Slowly but surely, I was transformed into a new person, as a result of studying the Word.
Why does kindness matter?
1. You can't change people, you can only be who you were created to be.  My best friend reminds me that her mother always said, "There is always a kinder way to say things." It's very true, if you think about it. Even difficult, but necessary things can be said in the kindest way possible. So be as gracious as possible.
2. It shows good character on your part. Regardless of the situation around you, character is shown in difficult times. I have learned in life that there is always someone better off than you, and someone worse off. Find contentment, and do your best to be kind to the people around you. What may seem a very minor situation to you, just might be the hardest thing someone else has ever been through. Don't be quick to judge based on your own strengths. Offer friendship and encouragement.
3. Everyone likes encouragement! When was the last time someone said something kind to you? How did you feel? If it has been too long since hearing something positive, I am genuinely sorry. We are busy people, and tend to miss the mark sometimes. But guess what? YOU can be a source of encouragement to someone else. If a friend or loved one comes to mind, send a note or card as soon as you think of them. Reaching out and speaking kindness and love will never be something you regret. I find we only regret the things we know we should have done, but didn't.

A few years back, a class I was a part of read the book, "The Same Kind of Different As Me." It completely changed my perspective on kindness. I used to reserve my kindness for the people that I felt deserved it. This book rocked me to my core, and convicted me about my attitude. I highly suggest reading it, and reading it to your teenagers too. (I did.)

In what areas do you think you could improve your kindness attitude?
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