Monday, March 26, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Spring 2012 (OKC)

This past weekend, we took our kids to Oklahoma City to do some shopping and sightseeing. It is only about 2h 45m from here, so it was an easy drive.  We had a great time together. We spent the night, so that we would have all day Friday and all day Saturday. More about the city later....

I visited the new Anthropologie location in the Claussen Curve district. As far as I know, this is the newest Anthropologie.  I was excited to see the location and design, as that is one of my favorite parts of visiting a B&M store. I usually come away with home ideas, as well as inspiration from the dress forms.  Boy, was I disappointed. 

Maybe I have become spoiled by visiting the Leawood, KS store so frequently. The sweet girls in there recognize me now, and are very kind about any returns I have, the amount of items I try on, and are extremely helpful with sizing and ideas.  I have never had anything but a pleasant experience there. The OKC store was quite the opposite. I was surprised to walk around the store twice with my hands full and SA's everywhere but helping customers. They were more concerned with a new store set than helping the many customers in the store. I finally made eye contact, which prompted them to ask if I needed a room. At that point, I felt like I was bothering them, but my hands were full. I made sure to tell each SA that I spoke with that I didn't have a store, so that they would understand I was not purposely trying to make more work for them. In general, they were snobby. I felt the negativity more acutely because I had a couple of my kids with me, while my husband took the other two to Fresh Market to kill time. I was already trying to be in and out, while still perusing the new arrivals.  Now that I know the distance between KC and OKC, I will be going to KC for my Anthro shopping trips. This is somewhat dimmed by the fact that we also visited a very nice outlet in OKC, and my entire family found shops they liked. So outlet shopping in OKC, Anthro shopping in KC.  

(I should point out that we are not talking about serious issues, such as a loved one with cancer, or world peace. My observations are totally about customer service/retail success. I have my priorities in line.)

Here we go with the few things I tried on.

 Blooming Whin Shift by Rutzou. Size 2.
This is very interesting to me. I love the color, the pattern, the length, even the sleeve style. The size 2 felt just the slightest snug in the shoulders/arms. Not terrible, but enough to make me want to try the 4. This is an interesting concept, but the drape is so different, I am not sure about it. Also, the fabric is Vicose, not Silk, which is what I originally thought. This dress is unlined, and I would not wear without a slip.

 As you can see, the size 4 gave more arm room, but cause the back to be far to billowy. It looks more like a maternity dress from this angle! So obviously, the fit almost has to be perfect.
All in all, if you are interested, give it a try. It is a very nice dress, but I will hold out for sale to decide whether it is for me.

 Twisted Linears Dress by Bordeaux. Size Small.
I picked this up strictly because of the brand. I tend to gravitate toward Bordeaux, and have been very excited about the new arrivals. This dress is all kinds of wrong on me. I grabbed the Small because it looked small on the hanger. However, I am not even sure a Large would work on me. It feels very short in the torso, so if you are petite, this is worth the try! I also think that it would work for petites because of the length, which was short on me. I thought the front detail was interesting, but the fit was off. Total pass.

 Given Then Gathered Column Dress by Bordeaux. Size X-Small. Navy Motif.
I was super excited to try this on and even happier that I found it in both colors. Online, I could not decide which color I liked better, but in person I loved the navy way more.  This dress compares to the Pieced Column Dress, in that it is my opinion that everyone should give it a try. This is another miracle dress. It hugs all the right places, has tons of styling options and is soft and comfy. My first thought was that this would be great for my son's high school graduation, which is also Mother's Day. I highly recommend it!

 This is the same dress, size Small. As you can see, this one doesn't drape quite as nicely. I think the X-Small is the way to go for me. Stick with your normal size if you are small busted, perhaps trying the next size if you are busty.

 Inwood Dress by Maeve. Size 4.
I picked this dress up because I love plaid. Since it was by Maeve, I took my usual 4, but it was very loose in the chest and waist. I can't tell if it is supposed to be that way or not, but it was not flattering. I stepped out to ask for a belt, but since the dress was too big, that didn't help much. I was already a little flustered, and the SA didn't offer a smaller size, even though we both commented it was too big.  Pass for now. If I see a 2 in Miami, I might give it another try. The fabric is gorgeous.

 Sincerely Paris Halter Dress by Girls From Savoy. Size 6.
This was a total yes for me. It is almost like GFS read my mind after the reviews from the Burgeoning Hypericum Dress. I love that they kept the same top detail, but made a straight skirt. The fit was great. This store only had a 2 & 6 on the rack, and I would buy the 6, but just want to try the 4 on to be sure.  This dress is cotton, soft, comfy and fits all the right spots. Worth full price.

 AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie. Size 28.
I had these saved in my wish list to try on, since I loved the small dots- thinking they would be an interesting but not crazy pattern like the floral or the darker dots. I also love AG, so I thought they would be a winner. They weren't. In some ways they are a little too big, but they still bunch and bulk in some areas. I don't think sizing down would help, because that would make them too tight for me. It's a conundrum. I love the color and pattern, but not the fit. Pass.

I tried on a few more things, but as I said, my patience was gone and I knew my family was waiting. I loved the Bordeaux dress and the Sincerely Paris, as well as these, but my kids hated it all and so did Jay. I was frustrated and tired, so I left with nothing. It gives me time to really consider, and weigh these purchases. I hope to make a better decision when I am shopping in Miami. Alone. :)

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