Monday, February 27, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Spring 2012 (Skirts & Pants)

Today's reviews are a skirt and pants. I didn't see very many skirts to try on in my store. I was more interested in the dresses and the pants. But here we go:

Celeste Striped Pencil Skirt by Tracy Reese. Size 6.
My daughter took notes of what I told her about each item, so I would have an easier time writing reviews, since I tried on so many things.  What did she write about this? "Bootylicious"
I sized up to a 6 in this, since typically in Tracy Reese, I am about a 6/8. I still needed to go up for this skirt, but I didn't love it, so I didn't try to find another size. The nice thing about this skirt is that it is washable. So if you are looking for a versatile skirt that has easy maintenance, you may want to try it on. I recommend sizing up, if you are curvy at all. I love the color combo. It is very cute, just not for me. (I believe this one is unlined.)

Floral Sateen Slims by Cartonnier. Size 6.
These were snug, but I feel like they are probably like my Dixie Crops. They stretch throughout the day. So I am not sure if I would size up to buy. I made that mistake with the Dixie Crops, and ended up going back for the smaller size.  These pants are cropped as well, I believe they are the same pattern as the Dixie's. I realize that these are another hit or miss item, but I really loved them. Especially the way they are styled in the product shot here:
I real life, they are much brighter. The product shot shows pastel-ish tones, but in real life, they are true color, which I actually like better.  If you are on the fence, give them a try.

J Brand 29" Skinny Jeans. Dark Rinse. Size 28.
I love the jeans I got from Anthro in the fall so much, I thought I would grab a few pair of the new arrivals to try on. However, I do believe I have grown so attached to my high waisted Farrah Skinnies that no other brand will do.
These are a GREAT color- being a uniform dark wash. The fit is snug (supposed to be), but  little too snug for me. Sizing up would have made the waist too big, but would have given me some booty room. I am not sure if they would stretch throughout the day, but they do have spandex in them.
My biggest beef is that they have such a short rise. Again, I think I've gotten used to my high rise, so everything feels too low. I would not buy these for that reason. (AG, if you are reading, could you make a sister some Farrah dark rinse jeans. Pretty please?!)

Sinewy Spots Wide-Legs by Cartonnier. Size 6.
I LOVED these pants. I know that in the pictures they don't look flattering, and they are VERY long, but I still loved them. I have a feeling I could get them on cuts, since the wide leg pants have not really caught on. They felt like pi's you could wear in public, and the dots are interesting. I love the product shot with the tee and jacket. So cute.

J Brand 29" Skinny. Light Wash. Size 28.
These are the same as the dark jeans.  Same fit, different color.

I have these down on my notes as Pilcro Distressed Skinny, but I don't see them online, and they don't look distressed in the pictures, so I am not sure what happened here. Any hints, friends?

That wraps up skirts/pants. Thoughts?

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