Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Spring 2012 (Dresses 2)

Okay, here goes the second half of the dress reviews.

 Sweet Enticement Dress by Moulinette Soeurs Dress. (It's sold out online.) Size 4.
Built-in slip and added support at the waist. The 4 fit loose, and the lace felt floppy on the back. (See size 2 below.)

Size 2. Fit perfectly, with the lace laying flat against the skin. Waist and chest were perfect too. Highly recommended, and was added to my "keep" side, until a young woman who needed a dress for a dance asked to try it on to decide whether to order online. She liked it so much I told her to take that one. Now I can't find it online, so I am kicking myself. Will reconsider this one when I replenish my slush fund. :)

 Ruffled Ainsley Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. Size 4.
This dress was a conundrum. Maddie and I both liked it, but the ties are puzzling. They are not quite long enough to make a nice bow on the front, but when you leave them loose to hang down, they look ridiculous! The fit was very nice, and as you can see in that last picture, it has a high slit, but done in a closed kick-pleat style, which I happen to love. (I don't want to wonder what's going on behind me all the time! :) Overall, it is nice, but I don't buy very much black, and I was already "wow'd" by the lace dress, so I sent it back.

 Cinch & Flow Maxi Chemise by Puella. Size X-Small. Black Motif.
Well, for someone who does not buy a lot of black, I sure did try a lot on, huh?  This was love at first try-on for me. As soon as I pulled it over my head and saw the drape, I knew I was getting it. There are just too many ways to style it.  I especially love that it is just the right length to not drag the floor like I worry about with some of my other maxi dresses/skirts.  This is a must-have.

 Cinch & Flow Maxi. Size X-Small. Blue Motif.
Same dress, different color. I liked the black too much to consider the blue for long...  The fit is similar, but the chevron pattern adds some interesting dimensions. I think it will be a matter of personal preference on color, but the fit is the same.

 Corded Crossback Jumpsuit by Cartonnier. Size
This was VERY high on my radar, since it first hit the web site. I tend to not chose the typical community favorites when I shop, and I realize that this is going to be hit or miss. I recommend tall girls give this a try. The reason Maddie and I are laughing so hard is because it was WAY fun to try to get into.  That said, the back is beautiful, but crosses at a place that would require some "special equipment" for the bra area.  Something I am just not digging. Other than that, I think it is beautiful, and worth a try.

Coya Slip Dress by Konrad & Joseph. Size X-Small.
This dress has a body slip attached underneath, and I can see why. It is beautifully made. That under slip is VERY tight. Like suck it in tight. Maddie offered to go get me a Small, but the top part fit so well I think it is supposed to be like that. I really, really like this, but I honestly have no where to wear it. Maybe if I still lived in a resort town? But here in the middle of Kansas, I think the effect is lost.  I am going to watch it for sale, but I think it is wishful thinking.

Badminton Maxi Chemise by Eloise. Size X-Small.
I know this is utterly ridiculous, but I really loved this chemise. It is white and sheer, so I would never be able to wear it- not even around the house, but it is beautiful!  I felt like a lady of leisure in it, so I took in off real quick, so I didn't get used to the idea! :) (Oh, and the reason we are laughing, and I am holding it away from me is b/c I was wearing STRIPED undies!)

 Embossed Basket Dress by Ganni. Size Small. Blue Motif.
Ok, well I guess this is one reason why it is very important to take pictures when making a decision on what to spend your hard cash on.... I didn't love this dress in person. It felt funny. (I realize that is a very toddlerish thing to say.) It has a rough texture to it. However, looking at the pictures, I think I may have made a mistake. The color it to die for, and the fit was perfect. Reconsidered for sale.

 Mina Dress by Vanessa Virginia. Size X-Small.
I am not familiar with this designer, and I picked up this dress on a whim. It is comfortable cotton and  unlined. The sleeves are a flutter sleeve. Very comfortable, but not really something I would reach for. Maybe in a different (solid) colorway? Have you heard of this designer?

 Burgeoning Hypericum Dress by Girls From Savoy. Size 4.
Girls from Savoy have knocked it out of the park, once again with how well they are reading a woman's body in the cut of their clothing.  I absolutely loved the feel of this dress. It has a ruffled lining to keep the skirt full, but said skirt is just a little long, in my opinion. This is the same dress as the Rodna Halter, with the fabric being cotton instead of corduroy.  It does give a nice weight to the dress, but I HATE the print.  I would love to have this in a lighter color. Lo and behold, I wake up and look at the Anthro web site this morning to find this!! Sincerely Paris Halter Dress. And of course, they didn't have it in my store Monday.  I will be back for this simplified version- half tempted to order it online to try it on. (Sing with me, "Free Shipping, Free Shipping, Free Shipping!")

Melon Ball Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. Size  4.
This dress will work very well for my busty girlfriends. It is plenty roomy and true to size. Belt shown is not included, but my SA added it in two colors to my room to try with different outfits. Maybe I should have tried this in the size 2 for comparison, but I didn't love it anyway.
I have a sneaking suspicion my friends are going to kick me for this, but I sent it back to the rack.

Up next: Skirts and Pants!

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