Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrifting Thursday (Home Edition)

Hooray for having Thrifting Thursday ACTUALLY on a Thursday this week! Even for you East Coasters, I am two hours under the radar!
This week, I am featuring my guest room for Thrifted Thursday. I have been working on this basement room since we moved in, and believe me it has been a mess!  This room was previously a storage room, with black and white tile floor. When we looked at the house online, we asked the homeowners if we could re-carpet the entire downstairs area to make it more useable. This room does not have a door, just a doorway. So I put up a tension rod and heavy black out curtains. Everyone who has stayed here loves it down there. It is cooler than the rest of the house, and since there are no windows, and I put up black out curtains, it is very dark. My friend John called it the "Cave". He wanted to move in! ;)
I had most of the components, but I was really lacking a dresser for storage.  I wanted something I could paint a vibrant color, so I started thrifting for one. I hit a few stores, over the course of a few weeks before finding this:
In great shape, but needs a little love.
I found all but the yellow in the mis-tint basket for $1.00.
How could I decide from these beautiful colors?

I removed all the hardware and sprayed it matte black.

I then spray primed the drawers and dresser.

Then brushed on the yellow.
I decided to go with the yellow because I really wanted to paint a desk or dresser this color, after pinning this.
I found this really cool painting at a thrift store in Virginia for about $1.
 But it was in a cheap frame, so I took it to Hobby Lobby for a new one.
These little birdies were at the antique store,
just waiting for me to come by. It was about $8 for all 4.
I scored the bed on Craigslist back home,
intending to use for Madison, but it was too big for her room.
A work in progress.
And here is the final result. Almost entirely thrifted.
This picture is taken from the doorway. You can just see the curtain in the side of the picture.
Bed: Craigslist
Sheets: Kohls
Duvet: Anthropologie (sale room floor!)
Throw pillows: Anthropologie
Quilt: Thrifted

Lights: Yard Sale, $1 per
Side Tables: Thrifted for $70
Settee: Jay's grandmother had it when HE was little!

My bff likes a body pillow, so the grey pillow in the back is for her.
It just has a Target velour cover on it.

Dresser: Thrifted at Habitat for Humanity
Lamp: Antique store in North Carolina
Vintage Fashion Painting: Thrifted at Goodwill (my kids would not let me walk out of the store w/out it!)
Tall Urn: Gift from Heather

Jay got me that lamp while he was traveling. My uncle re-wired it for me. It was a duct-tape job previously.
This is the painting from above re-framed. A standard white frame with a white mat heavy-weighted.
Really makes the colors in the painting pop.

Vintage Mason Jars: Thrifted at a Disabled American Veterans store (my fav)
Chair: Thrifted in Virginia

Table: File Cabinet
Bookshelf: Antique store

We have already had several children visit.
So I stocked up on basic toddler toys at Wal-Mart.

Thrifted pot.

My books from when I was younger.
I LOVE stacking things on books. I do it all over the house.
Well, there is your Thrifted Thursday. I hope something you saw gave you some new ideas!  I love this room so much that if there were a second bathroom in the basement, I would move down there!

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