Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinterest Pantomime

Here is today's entry for Pinterest ideas. This is from the lovely Alicia of Virginia Living.
Pinterest Poms

Alicia's Poms
What a great idea for parties and showers! I love that you can customize them for whatever color scheme is going on. Alicia said she has made them for a birthday and a shower. Clever!

The next entry is one Madison and I copied. We love nail polish, and between the two of us, we have quite the collection... (Madison got the new Justin Beiber collection for Christmas, so she has hit the BIG TIME.) We love patterns and fun nail ideas, so we pin pictures all the time. Here is one of our favorites.
Pinterest Nails

Madison's version.

My version
I have also been all over the Home side of Pinterest, as we are drawing house plans, and I am in the thinking process. I want to perfect the plan as much as possible before we finalize and go to construction.  I love the ideas I see on Pinterest. The problem is narrowing down! Here are a few of my favorite pins.
Pin Here.
Basically, the layout of this room fits the design we are going for.
I love the step down, as well as the fireplace, molding and lighting.

Pin Here.
The windows? Swoon.

Pin Here.
We like the mixture of dark and light cabinetry.

Pin Here.
This is from the blog "For the love of a house",
and is my dream bathroom!

Pin Here. 
This is the look/feel I am going for
in my library. (On a smaller scale.)
Pin Here.
For Zach. (His dream!)
Well, there you go. What have you "pinned" this week?

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