Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick OOTD Share

We were so busy on Christmas Day that I did not take the time to do an outfit photo. I loved the outfit I wore so much that I put the same thing together again last week, and made sure to take pictures this time.  I took great advantage of the 50% off sale Anthropologie was having in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got this sweater during that sale. I knew how much I loved it, because I saw it in the store a few times, and loved the stitching detail.
Sweater: Kites & Constellations Cardi, Anthropologie
Tank: F21, thrifted
Jeans: AG Farrah Skinnies, Anthropologie
Shoes: Seychelles Flamingo Ballet, DSW
Necklace: American Eagle
Bracelet: Omnifarious, Anthropologie

On a completely unrelated side note: I got to run 3.5 miles OUTSIDE yesterday. It was glorious, and greatly improved my mood. Thanks for all the kind comments, and texts. :)

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