Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thrifting Thursday- Thrifted This Week PLUS Hints & Tips

When I talk to people about thrifting, the biggest obstacle I encounter for why people don't like to thrift is cleanliness. (Followed by, "I never find anything.") I understand that. I am funny about cleanliness too.  I happen to be one of those freaks who actually enjoys laundry, so having to clean a clothing item is enjoyable to me.  However, I am the worlds worst for remembering to take things to the dry cleaners.  Luckily, there is a dry cleaner in the same shopping center as my husbands office, so he takes things for me.
While we were in Denver, I thrifted this beautiful dress for $5.
Cold climate dress

Cold climate dress (clipped to
Jay had it dry cleaned for me when we got back, so I got a dress for about $14. I don't always spend money on dry cleaning. In fact, I dry clean only a few things from my closet.  Even things that say, "dry clean only". See here:

Fairly true in my case. Depends on how much I love it.
Most of the time, I check the fabric content, and figure out how to wash it in my washing machine.  I always decide if I am willing to take the risk on damaging it.  Next case in point, thrifted this week:
Moth Sweater Dress

Velvet Touch Sweater Dress

Generic Sweater Dress

Eva Franco Fluttering Pencil Skirt

Vintage original Lacoste/Izod sweater for Zach

The skirt and one of the dresses was dry clean only. I checked the content, and washed them on the handwash setting in my washer on cold. Then hung to dry.
Pretty much any thing can be cleaned. If it can't be. I don't buy it- in any department.
And because I am a little obsessive, I keep these in my car:
I use the wipes if I buy something I want to clean right away,
and I use the sanitizer every time I get back in the car.
If I buy something hard, I usually put it in the dishwasher to sanitize. If it is fabric, I use the washing machine. If it is upholstered, I either clean the entire thing myself with upholstery cleaner, or call a service person to clean it. Such as my awesome blue velevet sofa:
What is the best thing you ever thrifted? Do you have any tips for cleaning unusual items?

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