Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Sale Haul

Jay and I left after the Thanksgiving festivities Thursday night and drove up to Leawood/Kansas City to spend a little time alone and shop.
I didn't sleep well all night, so I woke up without my alarm at 4:30- in plenty of time to get ready and go the 1/2 mile over to Town Center Plaza to my favorite store!  There were only about 20 of us waiting outside to get in for the 6 am opening. (A couple of them were my size, so I had an eye out!)
They opened right on time, and every one quickly headed back to the sale area. It was crowded, but everyone was very polite, and tried to be as accommodating as possible. We were in a tight squeeze, but good-natured.  Jay watched me, and took my items as my hands started getting full, then sat in a chair and waited for me to bring him stuff- my usual M.O.  I didn't have to wait for a dressing room, because an S.A. saw Jay with a full lap, and went and got a room started for me. I tried on TONS of things. Just about everything on sale- if it was my size, I tried it on.  I think I was in there for an hour.  Then I went and checked out the jewelry and got in line to pay. I only had one person in front of me, and every line was open, so it moved pretty fast.
Compared to my unpleasant experience in Denver, this was night and day. Everyone was cheery and pleasant, and I had a HUGE purchase, but the sales girl was kind and chatty.  She even engaged Jay to make sure that all of my security tags were removed, so we didn't have any mishaps with that.
We went over to the Country Club Plaza store, but as expected, they didn't have very much to chose from. The new Leawood store has a bigger selection, and the staff is more pleasant. I used my birthday discount only on candles, since everything else I got was on sale.
Here is what I brought home (edit- I forgot a few tops. I got the Twisted Ascot in all 4 colors. $15 per shirt):
Black Friday Haul 1

Black Friday- Bottoms & Dresses

I know it's a lot, but I figured at these prices, I should get whatever I might possible use, and check it all at home. I don't have a store close, so I can't just run up there on a whim.
I also went to DSW and got these:
Audrey Brooke boots

Audrey Brooke boots (see more knee high leather boots)
I exchanged a pair of boots I had ordered online, and got these instead. I love them!
Did you do any big Black Friday shopping? What did you score?

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