Monday, October 24, 2011

A Quickie Review & BRAND NEW CUTE SHOES!

I hit the Denver Anthropologie store this weekend- just quickly, since we were actually there to camp with the kids. (Okay, so I have a problem...)  I tried on a couple of new things, and saw some CUTE shoes I can't find on the web site yet.
By the way, since I brag on stores that have awesome customer service with Anthropologie, I am sad to report that this store was not one of them.  My Anthropologie experiences are usually more than pleasant and relaxing- and one of the big reasons I love going into the store. The SA's at this particular store were not very friendly, and almost seemed a little bothered by having to wait on me. (I am not demanding, by any means.)  I returned a jacket with tags and receipt, a tank with the online order form, and a chemise with tags and receipt. I explained to the SA that I do not have a store near me, so I have to return a few things sometimes when I visit in person. She complained about what returns do to the store numbers, but said it was not as bad as some peoples returns.  I felt that was unnecessary for her to say, considering I explained why I had a return- not that I think I need to...  Also, I had some trouble in the dressing room, and the SA acted like I was a bother. Overall, it was just not a great experience. However, I do have some things to show you.
Here is what I came in wearing:
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Gap
Necklace: Anthro- gift

Mystery Dress by Tabitha. Size 4 & 6.
I can't find this dress online yet, but it is a real beauty. It is shift style dress, fully lined, and nice textured embroidery.  The dress is black (linen?), and the embroidery is shades of blue and gold. I loved it.
The first three pictures are a size 4, and the next two are a size 6.  If you want a more fitted look, stick with your regular size.  This felt a little tight in the chest to me. So I prefer the 6.  I took a close up of the gorgeous embroidery.  This was priced at $188.

 Dromedary Dress by Charlotte Taylor. Size 4.
I picked up a 4 and a 6 to compare sizes, but didn't end up trying on the 6.  The 4 was smooshing my chest, but fit everywhere else. I ended up really loving this dress. I would love to pick this up on sale.  The weight is not right for this time of year anyway.  I like the length as well as the interesting shoulder detail.

 Button Belted Dress by Maeve. Size 4 & 6.
The reason you are looking at this dress on the hanger and not on me is because I could not figure out how to get into it. There are two separate zippers for each piece. The 4 was to snug to even try, and I had so much trouble with the zippers on the 6 I ended up just taking it off and hanging it back off. If you LOVE these types of dresses, go for it, but it wasn't worth the effort to me.

 Quilted Tile Mini by Charlie & Robin. Size 4 & 6.
This is another sweater-type skirt that does not work on me. It shows every flaw I have, and fit me horribly. The 4 fit my waist correctly, but was too tight everywhere else. The 6 was loose in the waist, but was better on the booty and hips. (Though still too tight for me.)
 Pinnate Shimmer Shell by Project Alabama. Size X-Small.
This is a beautiful tank! The stitching is rough where it is embroidered, but the inside is lined. The outside would be itchy too with all day wear, unless you had either something long-sleeved on under it, or a cardigan over it to protect the part that touches your arms.  This has so many styling possibilities, I am adding to to my wishlist, but hope for second cuts.  The X-Small was too tight, so maybe size up one size? This is another example of why I love going into the physical store.  I never noticed this online, but in the store, the detail caught my eye.

 Gemini Cardigan by Tablitha. Size Small.
Valea Skirt by Corey Lynn Calter. Size Small.
This is my pathetic attempt to show you two products at the same time.  I can't find this skirt, but those of you who love full skirts are going to love this one. It is layers of interesting pattern and detail. Unfortunately, I don't think the style works on me, but I still loved it. Size up one size. (Will update when it hit site.)
This cardi was a nice basic, made interesting by the detail in the stitching. I like the orange and the blue colorway, both.

 Gathered Lace Dress by Maeve. Size 6.
This dress is beautiful. The lace is amazing, and it is fully lined. The pleating at the waist gives me pause on the fit, because the lace is rather thick, and puckers, but I think this would look fine if belted. Either a dressed down leather version (paired with tall boots?) or dressed up with a gold or silver belt and heels.  Another way to wear for work or semi-casual could be with a simple belt and flats.  I really liked this dress. (Fully lined.)

 Trace The Stars Blouse by Maeve. Size 4.
I found this beautiful blouse while looking for this. Boy am I glad I did. This blouse has interesting fabric detail and shape. I found it very flattering. This one would work on so many different body shapes, it is worth a try-on.

Adelie Blouse by Charlotte Taylor. Size 4.
I had a list of about 5-6 things I came in looking for specifically, and this was one of them.  I used to collect penguins- and still have a fascination with them.  So this shirt captured my attention as soon as it hit the web site.  I love the fabric detail and the color combo. I am unsure of how the fit looks on me. To school-girlish?  I welcome your opinion!

And last, but certainly not least, I have two pair of shoes I fell in love with!

Tegu Platform by Schuler & Sons.
I have made no secret of my love for Schuler & Sons.  I think the quality vs. price is spot on. It doesn't hurt that the styles they put out are so stinkin' cute!  These were just sitting on the shoe shelf calling my name.  Unfortunately, I didn't try them on- as I had already asked the SA to help me find two other items, and was frustrated by the attitude I got.  I was kind-of tired of shopping by the time I found these. (Sad, but true.)  However, I wanted to get a photo to share with you.  I hope to order these as soon as they hit the site.

Satin Heels by Miss Albright.
These shoes are stunning in person. The color combo is to die for and would jazz up any basic outfit.  I would love these with just a tee and jeans!  Miss Albright is all over the place on sizing, so they are a must try on.  Can't wait to get these on my feet.

We had a great time camping with the kids. The Rocky Mountains were absolutely stunning, and we fell in love with the city of Denver.  Here are a few of my favorite pics- from my iPhone.

I was so happy to get out of flat Kansas and see some trees and mountains!
How was your weekend?

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