Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beauty Mega-Post: Part 2 Curling Ironed Hair

I have a confession to make.  I hate washing my hair. There, I said it. (I feel like a HUGE weight has just been lifted off my shoulders.)  My friend Millie and I have this secret language. We speak days- as in, how many days it has been since we washed our hair. I also found out that Millie spaces her days out based on running. I totally do that, too.
Example: I went for a 6 mile on Saturday. Came home, washed my hair, let it dry overnight, then curled it for church.  I used a dry shampoo on my roots (this one: Rockaholic Dirty Secret), then sprayed my entire head with aerosol hair spray, then curled my hair. No exercise Sunday. Yesterday, I pulled it all up in a headband and pony tail while I dropped my kids off for school and cleaned house. When I picked my kids up, we went to the YMCA and worked out, then came home and showered.  On the days I don't wash my hair, I just take a sit-down bath and put all my hair on top of my head so it doesn't get wet. The reason that I hate washing it? It is so long, and although it looks fine- I have a LOT of hair, so it takes a long time to dry and curl.
Here is how I curl my hair with a 1" barrel. (Warning, video at the end- I am not tech-savy, and I hate the sound of my own voice.)
I start by pulling up all my hair except the under layer.  I curl from the bottom up.  I also curl away from my face on each side.  But if you like it towards, it is basically the same idea.

I let it down the three layers, and curl each one.  I will show you how I wrap the hair around the barrel in the video:

Does this help give you some ideas for your hair? I have more things I can show, I want it to be helpful....

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