Friday, August 19, 2011

OOTD Catch-Up

I forgot I took pics of this OOTD for you, partly b/c the pics came out a little dark.
I am so glad I ordered this tank, and can't wait for it to hit sale so I can get the other color too.

Shirt: Flourishing Stripes Tank, Anthropologie
Jeans: Mossimo Skinny (dark wash), Target
Necklace: Citrus Twist Necklace, Anthropologie
Shoes: Guess Wedges, DSW

Also, I got my hair done for the first time since moving here, and I LOVE it. She fixed my color problem from last time where it came out orange-ish by adding lowlights in a darker shade and bumping up the blond to an ashy white. I think it look so much better. I also got long bangs and a lot more layers. Actually, she cut quite a bit of hair off, but it is still very long. I think I will do a hair post soon. (Sorry about the bangs, Susan. I just couldn't take it any more. It was either that or cut it all short!)  I was going for this and it is very close:

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