Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready to Face the World

I got out and joined a Bible Study group yesterday for the first time since moving here. I was so nervous. I was praying that I would meet someone who had kids my little Zach's age, because he has been so lonesome.  Sure enough, another woman (not even at my table) leaned over and said, "You have a son who is 6?  I have a son who is 7, why don't you bring him with you next week, and we will go get some lunch and play." Woo, hoo! I am sure that girl had no idea that I had prayed for someone to meet.
Moving is hard. Moving to a place you don't know anyone is really hard. But I have had perfect peace the entire time. I am so sure that we are doing the right thing, I have been able to deal with my bouts of sadness.  (Keeping extremely busy doesn't hurt either!)
Here is what I wore. My son, TJ asked if I was overdressed when I got home. Haha!
Shirt: Banana Republic
Skirt: Anthropologie Penciled Abronia
Shoes: Wanted, Thrifted
Earings: Vintage Clip-ons

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