Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The San Francisco Treat

I feel like I am in Blogger Fog-land. Although I did a lot of blogger things the past 6 days, I did not post many entries.  So here goes with the make-ups. (Are you happy, Susan? :)
Jay and I flew out to San Francisco on Friday evening, and arrived late. That last flight from Dallas to San Fran was BRUTAL.  It was 2am here on the east coast when we landed, so we were struggling. Haha!
We woke up (early) Saturday morning- still on Eastern time, and ate breakfast then hit the road to do some sight seeing.  We read, and were told not to rent a car, since parking and driving in the city is so hard, and I am so thankful we took that good advice. We stayed in the beautiful Crowne Plaza Burlingame, which offered a shuttle back and forth to the airport- where we hopped on the BART and went into the city.
The view looking out from our shuttle stop at the airport.

Inside at the airport BART stop.
We spent the morning and afternoon walking and exploring the city, and generally getting to know the area a little bit.  We enjoyed the view from all sides, and how interesting the streets and the architecture were.  We shopped a little, then had lunch on the upper outdoor patio at Cheesecake Factory in Union Square.
Beautiful shot looking up along the Cable Car system.

Cable Car

Market Street Streetcars.
This one is representative of the Minneapolis/St. Paul historic car.

Union Square

Walking down a steep street.

Later in the afternoon, we took the BART back over to Rockridge in Oakland to meet my cousin Steve and his sweet wife Janelle.  The live in the East Bay area, and picked a place that was somewhat central to meet up- so that we would not have to go all the way to them.  It was a great little town, and Jay and I arrived early, so we had plenty of time to walk up and down the streets and stop to rest and drink some tea.  We also explored a few shops. When Steve arrived, we talked a mile a minute trying to catch-up, since we had not seen each other in 25 years! (According to his estimation- I really can't remember how long it has been.)  I was thrilled to get to meet his wife, and sweet little boy Caleb.  Thankfully, they will be coming home to Kansas to visit when their new baby is born, so we will have the opportunity to get to know them even better.
Caleb waiting for his Zachary's Pizza.

Janelle and Caleb

Caleb (Mini-Steve) and Steve

Me and Steve
What an enjoyable day!

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